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Is your digital transformation program stalled? Use your PLM investment to fuel profitability and agility. aPriori’s digital twins extend your PLM system – and provide powerful simulation to optimize your products for cost, carbon, and manufacturability. Use aPriori to deliver business value at scale, accelerate growth, and minimize risk. 

Read “How aPriori Digital Twins Power Manufacturing Profitability for insights into new digitalization techniques and examples of manufacturers applying these solutions to make an impact.

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Digital Factory Guide

Our customers rely on us to provide solutions that deliver more productivity and cost less. aPriori helps us meet that need. It automates much of the cost optimization that we currently do manually, helping us bring designs into production faster to support critical product schedules and lead times.”

Sam Freesmeyer

Vice President, Engineering, AGCO

How does one of the world’s largest commercial vehicle brands innovate rapidly while also addressing profitability and sustainability? Scania uses aPriori to analyze product cost and CO2e simultaneously – and digital transformation capabilities to streamline procurement and supplier management.

“Signify has been engaged in an intensive digitalization program for several years. Our goal is to use state-of-the-art tools to transform the role of procurement, which includes automating should cost analysis to identify the parts that can be negotiated with suppliers.”

Arnold Chatelain

Transformation Program Director, Signify

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aPriori’s president & CEO shares her insights for manufacturing growth amid instability.
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