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Listen to Our Most Popular Manufacturing Podcasts of 2023

 | January 2, 2024

2023 saw the rise of artificial intelligence (AI), an enhanced focus on sustainability, continued challenges navigating inflation and geopolitical conflicts, and more! To prepare for the road ahead, let’s look back at three of the most popular Manufacturing Insights podcasts of 2023.

Dale Bertrand is a relevant resource for understanding AI-driven product designAI-Powered Product Design

A conversation with Dale Bertrand, CEO of Fire&Spark. Listen to the podcast here.

“With any project we’re working on, at any organization we’re working at, we are going to have goals. To meet these goals, we are going to come up with strategies to get there. We create the digital product twin first. We ask suppliers to make a prototype — we send out requests for pricing. In order to get through the design process on time and on budget, we want to sprinkle in AI technology to help us reach these goals.”

Podcast interview with Nate Taylor, Director of Transition TechnologiesAugmented Reality and Manufacturing

A conversation with Nate Taylor, Director of Transition Technologies. Listen to the podcast here.

“Our goal is to bring digital information to product designer teams so that they can consume it faster and get a product out the door as fast as humanly possible. The visualization piece of augmented reality (AR) means that people can be faster and more efficient. That’s huge for manufacturing.”

ecoinvent LCA data powers aPriori's sustainability solutionWhat’s the Cost of Sustainability?

A conversation with Nickolas Meyer, CEO of ecoinvent. Listen to the podcast here.

“Where are manufacturers having the most impact on carbon reduction? It is in the product design phase, certainly. If you’re able to take a product and make sure that it’s designed well, then it will have a better life cycle, and that’s what we’re all about.”

Stay tuned for more great conversations with manufacturing leaders in 2024!

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