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Explore Supply Chain Risk and Resilience at MIC 2023

 | October 19, 2023

Key Takeaways:

  • Discover how to utilize digital twins for supply chain innovation and risk mitigation at MIC ‘23
  • Learn how to enhance supply chain resilience and implement data-driven strategies for cost management and competitiveness at the conference

The Full Article:

aPriori is set to host the 2023 Manufacturing Insights Conference (MIC) in Orlando, Florida. This year’s conference will provide supply chain risk and resilience insights from top innovators, empowering attendees to navigate operational disruptions confidently. Read on to learn more about the conference’s four sessions on business risk reduction and what they have in store for you.

1) The Supply Chain Shift: A Positive Evolution Post-Pandemic

Join Jody Markopoulos, former Baker Hughes and GE Executive, as she delves into the supply chain’s challenges and trends. Ms. Markopoulos will provide practical insights to enhance supply chain resilience in an ever-evolving and dynamic business landscape. Takeaways from this session include the steps to:

  • Gauge the impact of pricing volatility, global disruptions, and other business challenges on the global supply chain.
  • Develop a resilient supply chain to maintain business continuity and optimize sourcing and procurement operations.
  • Gain a competitive advantage by anticipating market downturns, cutting costs, and prioritizing digitalization.

Find out how digital technology can help manage inflation and supply chain risks in this podcast.

2) Strengthening Supplier Relationships with Digital Twins

Get firsthand insights from a roundtable of executives, including Sam Freesmeyer, former VP of Engineering for AGCO; Stan Kroeker, CAD Coordinator for AGCO; and John Pilla, former CTO for Spirit AeroSystems. The speakers will discuss how to harness the power of digital twin technology to improve manufacturing innovation, risk mitigation, and profitability. They will also share strategies to address labor shortages, streamline supply chains, and capitalize on savings opportunities with digital twins.

Session participants will gain actionable strategies to utilize their digital twin technology for supply chain risk and resilience.

Check out our complete risk reduction track session agenda and keynote presentations at MIC 2023.

3) Supplier Strategies for Managing Cost Risks and Inflationary Pressures

Sylwia Lambert, Director of COE Procurement for TE Connectivity, will share actionable, data-driven strategies for enterprise-wide productivity in a dynamic supply chain. Attendees will discover how to:

  • Leverage cost modeling and analytics to address rising expenses like energy costs.
  • Foster collaboration among their supply base and use fact-based negotiation for savings.
  • Embrace innovation to remain competitive and profitable in the face of global disruptions.

4) Building Profitable Strategies: Enhancing Supply Chain Relationships

If you want to improve your supply chain relationships, you should attend this session led by Barton Phinney, Principal Product Manager for aPriori. This session will outline enhancing collaboration between product design, cost, engineering, and production to accelerate manufacturing profitability.

You will also discover the capabilities and benefits of leveraging aPriori’s manufacturing collaboration software, aP Workspace. aP Workspace facilitates seamless, real-time collaboration and centralizes critical manufacturing data for more informed and rapid decision-making.

Read this article to learn more about aP Workspace’s features and collaboration capabilities.

Find Out How to Master Supply Chain Risk and Resilience at MIC 2023

Do not miss the opportunity to enhance your supply chain risk management. Register now for MIC 2023 to gain valuable insights and minimize the impact of global disruptions on manufacturing profitability.

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