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Customer & Innovation Highlights from the Cost Insight Conference 2021

 | November 29, 2021

Our customers continue to innovate and persevere during these uncharted times. Many customers and aPriori experts shared their perspectives and best practices during our recent Cost Insight Conference (CIC). Thank you to the presenters and the 650+ attendees from more than 30 countries who helped to make our 9th annual event so memorable.

Below, we’ve included background and links to some of our most popular CIC 2021 presentations. We separated the presentations into two categories: Industry & Business Trends and Customer Insights.

Industry & Business Trends

The Next Wave of Digital Transformation will be Driven by Automation – aPriori
Stephanie Feraday, President and CEO, aPriori
Abstract:  Many organizations are focusing their post-pandemic strategies on speed and agility. This presentation highlights keys to strengthening supplier relationships through integration and collaboration, accelerating operations via automation, and advancing digital transformation through manufacturing intelligence. Watch here.

Engineering Tools Beyond CAD and PLM – Panel with ASM, Halliburton, and aPriori
Presenters:  Rudi Wilhelm, ASM; Kevin Duane, Halliburton; and Rick Hyde, aPriori
Abstract:  Product engineering tools are critical to advancing the digital ecosystem. Executives from ASM and Halliburton share their real-world insights to align existing engineering tools with new digital thread capabilities – and key considerations as they “go digital.” Watch here.

Reduce Cost & Time to Market of Lithium-ion Battery Systems with Digital Manufacturing Simulation – aPriori
Presenter:  Chris Jeznach, Senior Product Marketing Manager, aPriori
Abstract:  The growth of electrification initiatives across industries requires manufacturers to understand both the design and cost of battery management systems. Learn how digital manufacturing simulation software can help you throughout the product lifecycle. Watch here.

Solve Real Business Problems with Manufacturing Simulation – aPriori
Presenter:  Dave McDermaid, EMEA Business Consulting Director, aPriori
Abstract:  This session spotlights 10 ways that aPriori’s manufacturing simulation capability provides value to manufacturers across industries: including design for excellence (DfX), strategic sourcing, capacity planning, and RFQ automation. Watch here

Design-to-Margin (DTM) Best Practices – Accenture
Presenters:  Scott Ellsworth, Aniruddha Kohok, and Adam Robbins; Accenture
Abstract:  See how Accenture enables DTM by connecting product innovation, product cost, and product pricing to optimize profitability. And watch how Accenture applies aPriori’s “should cost” analysis to help clients expand their product margins. Watch here.

Customer Insights

Reflections from our Cost Journey – GE Aviation
Presenters:  Jaswinder Walia, Engineering CIO, GE Aviation; and Kadar Kayal, Senior Director, GE Aviation
Abstract:  Learn how one of the world’s leading aviation brands executes a company-wide vision to advance its costing capabilities. GE Aviation executives outline how the company is strengthening manufacturability and cost analysis capabilities throughout the product development lifecycle. Watch here

How EV OEMs & Suppliers are Digitally Transforming Sourcing to Improve Time to Market – Eaton
Presenter:  Andy Doyle, Vice President of Global Sourcing and Logistics, Eaton
Abstract:  In today’s market, there simply isn’t time to send an RFQ and wait around for the negotiations to start. EV OEMs and their suppliers want leading-edge technologies to deliver competitive advantages with premium results. See how Eaton is evolving the process of sourcing through digital transformation. Watch here.

Automated Quoting from the Contract Manufacturer Perspective – HARBEC
Presenter:  Keith Schneider, Sales Engineer, HARBEC
Abstract:  Contract manufacturer HARBEC develops mission-critical components and products. Learn how HARBEC uses aPriori to develop accurate quotes quickly and improve quoting standardization among staff. Watch here.

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