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aPriori Receives Frost & Sullivan Award for Digital Manufacturing Innovation

 | September 9, 2022

Global industry analyst and consulting firm Frost & Sullivan today announced that it has awarded aPriori its 2022 New Product Innovation Award in the global digital manufacturing solutions industry. Frost & Sullivan recognizes aPriori’s ability to “alleviate the time constraints that pervade the product development process, moving product design and sourcing to the production floor through various cloud-based solutions, including cost analysis and manufacturability.”

Read Frost & Sullivan’s free report to learn why the industry analyst firm sees aPriori as a digital manufacturing solutions leader.

2 aPriori Innovation Award Takeaways

Read two key findings that Frost & Sullivan included in its global digital manufacturing solutions award research.

1) “Frost & Sullivan finds aPriori’s technology prowess and proven results well-positioned as a preferred vendor and commends the company on its continued innovation leadership in the market.”

2) “Priori offers technology to help its customers create high-quality parts and products faster by simulating every dollar spent during the design and manufacturing process while simultaneously minimizing their environmental impact. The company accomplishes this through its Manufacturing Insights Platform, a cloud-based solution designed to circumvent the arduous design and prototyping phase. This approach enables manufacturers to adhere to price and time constraints by incorporating and combining the most efficient manufacturability, costing, sourcing, quoting, and sustainability practices.”

Frost & Sullivan’s Innovation Award Criteria

Frost & Sullivan used the following framework to evaluate and select aPriori for its 2022 New Product Innovation Award in the global digital manufacturing solutions industry:

  • Match to Needs: Customer needs directly influence and inspire product design and positioning
  • Quality: The product/solution offers best-in-class quality with a full complement of features and functionality
  • Design: The product/solution features an innovative design that enhances both visual appeal and ease of use
  • Price/Performance Value: The products/services provide the best value for the price compared to similar market offerings
  • Customer Ownership Experience: Customers proudly own the company’s product or service and have a positive experience throughout the life of the product or service
  • Positioning: The product serves a unique, unmet need that competitors cannot easily replicate

About Frost & Sullivan

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Find out why Frost & Sullivan sees aPriori as a digital manufacturing solutions leader.
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