Early Visibility to Cost Drivers has the Largest Potential to Improve Product Profit

You’ve invested hundreds if not thousands of hours into the Form, Fit and Function of your design, but your product team has no idea if they achieved the target cost set at the very beginning of the process by Product Marketing.

At the next design review meeting, one of your manufacturing engineers points out several design features that will require an incredibly expensive machining process. The profit potential of this important new product launch is potentially in jeopardy.

It’s at that moment when you realize your team has spent all their time and energy focusing on Form, Fit and Function, but ignored the most important “F” of all, Finance.


Over and over again, when we talk to our customers about the greatest benefit aPriori delivers – it’s always the same thing – Visibility to cost early in the design cycle. Our ability to make simulation-driven design a reality helps our customers identify and eliminate cost drivers long before releasing that design to sourcing or manufacturing. This dramatically reduces churn at the end of the lifecycle due to manufacturability or cost concerns and lets you bring your product to market faster than your competition.

Cost Knowledge

Try a new material for that plastic housing – aPriori will tell you the cost of that decision.

Cost Knowledge

Add a 35 degree bend to a sheetmetal component – aPriori will tell you the cost of that decision.

Cost Knowledge

Design a fabricated assembly of 4 parts versus a single cast/machined part – aPriori will tell you the cost of that decision.

As the sourcing team starts to get involved, they too can understand all of the key cost drivers and a should-cost value for the new product design long before they ever have a conversation with a supplier. They can also get a detailed BOM and should cost for tooling too! Thinking about going with that supplier in Mexico vs the one in Malaysia? aPriori will tell you the cost of that decision.

Visibility is also critical for the management team. They need regular updates on the team’s progress on key new product initiatives and cost reduction projects. aPriori offers an elegant web-based solution that enables CxOs, Division Managers and Product & Program Managers to constantly monitor cost status via reports and dashboards from their laptop, tablet or even their mobile phone – no matter where they are in the world. Instant visibility into product profit status no matter where you are or what time of day it is. Do you have that now? Can you imagine how valuable that would be?


Providing complex global enterprises with the information they need to make informed decisions on cost throughout the entire product lifecycle.

This is aPriori’s vision.

Cost Visibility

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