Innovate and Bring Products to Market Faster Than Your Competition

Fierce global competition. Hyper innovation. Short product life cycles. Complex global supply chains. These are just some of the enormous challenges the high tech and electronics industries face on a daily basis. How do you meet the pressure to adapt and evolve with constantly changing market dynamics? Digital manufacturing simulation software is the answer.

The pressure on the high tech and electronics industry to innovate is higher than any other industry vertical. In no other market do individual consumers expect and demand new innovation at a higher rate.

In high tech electronics, there are new competitors around every corner. There is unrelenting pressure to bring new, innovative products to market before your competitors, and capture as much market share as possible. Anything that slows down the product development and launch process must be identified and eliminated as quickly as possible.

Many companies are unable to see manufacturability and cost drivers that will slow down the product development process until very late in the product lifecycle. Sending designs back for modification is costly, time consuming, and can ruin your competitive advantage.

Enable design engineers to easily identify and eliminate manufacturability issues early in the design process. Digital manufacturing simulation also lets you quickly evaluate design alternatives so you can deliver the highest value product to your customers at minimal cost to you.

Understand the specific design features and manufacturing operations that are driving cost before you enter into negotiations with your suppliers. Negotiate based on manufacturing data instead of just arguing over price.

Use manufacturability analysis during the early stages of product design to significantly reduce time-consuming and costly engineering change orders (ECOs) that can slow down a product launch.

In a world where product margins are razor thin, use digital manufacturing simulation to conduct feature/value trade offs that represent product variants for different global markets. Automate manufacturing cost estimates for parts, components, assemblies and tooling to ensure all new product introductions achieve target cost.

Respond faster with more detail to customer RFQs. And, at the same time reduce risk and achieve more consistency on your quotes by using digital factories that produce precise manufacturing data and cost for every new product design simulation.

aPriori Solutions for Electronics and High Tech Industry

aPriori Professional

Remove cumbersome and costly department silos and bring everyone onto the same page. Realize collaboration among design, cost engineering, and sourcing all in one place.


Cost Insight Report

Detailed reports of cost data for your parts. Create custom dashboards to consistently monitor new product initiatives against design to cost targets.

aPriori cost insight design icon

Cost Insight Design

Web-based application provides designers and engineers with a method to quickly and easily simulate the manufacturing process to identify and eliminate potential design flaws that could slow down time to market.

aPriori cost insight generate icon

Cost Insight Generate

Connect aPriori to your PLM system for automated manufacturing simulation upon check-in of new or modified CAD designs.


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