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The auto and transportation industry is experiencing an incredibly disruptive period. Even global powerhouses are being consistently challenged by nimble, fast-paced, upstart competitors. And new business models are forcing global OEs to adapt faster than their technology can handle. Digital manufacturing simulation software gives you the advantage you need to innovate, cost, source, and manufacture faster, all while saving your bottom line.

Compliance with escalating governmental regulations around fuel efficiency, emissions and safety are resulting in an advancement in technologies and a shift toward more electrification of vehicles.

Implementing highly innovative global sourcing strategies designed to quickly adapt to a changing landscape of suppliers and consumer demand.

Shifts in powertrain design to accommodate the trend towards electric vehicles. Major investments are being made to develop autonomous vehicles that leverage connectivity between vehicles and surrounding infrastructure.

aPriori's automated design for manufacturability (DFM) and design to cost (DTC) capabilities enable non-experts to easily identify potential manufacturability issues, cost drivers, evaluate design alternatives, and design products to achieve a specific target cost.

It’s imperative that manufacturers hit their product launch dates, especially with a whole new class of emerging competitors pushing the needle. Use manufacturability analysis to eliminate the time-consuming and costly process of engineering change orders (ECOs) right before release to manufacturing.

Conduct feature/value tradeoffs that represent product variants for different global markets. Automate manufacturing cost estimates for parts, assemblies and tooling to enable fact-based negotiations and more strategic collaboration with suppliers.

Complete detailed analyses of dies and molds for program level roll ups and improved negotiation with supplier.

aPriori Solutions for Auto and Transportation Industry

aPriori cost insight generate icon

Cost Insight Generate

Connect aPriori to your PLM system for automated manufacturability analysis upon check-in of new or modified CAD designs.

aPriori cost insight design icon

Cost Insight Design

Utilize heat mapping and cycle time reports to quickly identify and resolve manufacturing cost drivers in every auto part you design. And get your design right the first time


Cost Insight Report

Detailed reports of cost data for your auto parts. Create custom dashboards to consistently monitor new product initiatives against design to cost targets.


aPriori Professional

Remove cumbersome and costly department silos and bring everyone onto the same page. Realize collaboration among design, cost engineering, and sourcing all in one place.


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