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Manufacturers are facing extreme pressure to develop innovative products and get those products to market faster than ever before. Some of the most common challenges we see our customers facing include:

Shorter Product Lifecycles

Intense competition for market share is putting pressure on product development teams to deliver innovative new products to market faster and more efficiently than ever before.

No Visibility to Cost Drivers

Design and engineering teams do not have tools that provide them with quick visibility to the manufacturing and cost consequences of the decisions they make each and every day.

Late Stage Engineering Churn

Product executives are discovering manufacturing issues and cost overruns too late in the design cycle when those issues have been compounded and are most expensive to fix.

How aPriori Can Help

aPriori’s Design for Manufacturability & Cost (DFMC) solutions provide product teams with real-time visibility into manufacturability issues & other cost drivers that could result in expensive and time consuming engineering change order (ECO) churn at the end of the design lifecycle.

Identify & Eliminate Cost Drivers

Quickly identify cost drivers and potential manufacturability issues during preliminary design phases by leveraging the data in your 3D CAD models. DTC guidance provides users with recommendations on how to mitigate these issues.

Compare Design Alternatives

Automated costing let's you quickly cost design alternatives for individual components and product assemblies to identify potential savings opportunities.

Achieve Target Costs

Track calculated cost against target cost at the component and system level on a week to week and month to month basis. Reduce the possibility of being surprised with excessive engineering change orders related to cost or manufacturability.

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