Are you struggling with how to achieve your cost reduction goals?

Imagine if you could quickly…

  • Identify suppliers that are overcharging you?
  • Identify the specific parts where your suppliers are overcharging you – and by how much?
  • Identify products that could be re-designed for additional cost savings?
  • Identify products that could be re-routed through a different manufacturing process for even more cost savings?


aPriori Outlier Analysis is a short-term, high value services engagement to quickly generate additional profit by cost-reducing parts within a commodity group or product line. Using aPriori’s revolutionary product cost management technology, our experts analyze hundreds or thousands of your parts to identify cost-saving opportunities through re-quoting, re-routing or re-design.

Designed to quickly capture “low-hanging fruit,” the aPriori Outlier Analysis program identifies cost-saving opportunities in three primary areas:

  • Sourcing Opportunities – aPriori determines which parts are out of the “cost norm” by comparing aPriori’s “should cost” to the current or quoted price. The resulting list of parts become candidates for re-quote or re-bid. Typically, our customers identify hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars in savings on parts nearing or currently in production.
  • Manufacturing Opportunities – aPriori evaluates current designs to determine if there is a more efficient, lower cost method to manufacture them. aPriori customers realize significant savings by re-routing production parts through a different, less-expensive manufacturing process.
  • Re-Design Opportunities – aPriori’s experts identify parts which may not be designed as efficiently as possible and therefore result in higher costs. Parts that appear out of the “cost norm” from analyses such as cost vs. mass, but show little difference between aPriori “should cost” and the price being paid, become candidates for re-design.



Are you evaluating aPriori and not yet a customer?

If yes, then aPriori offers a special no charge basic outlier analysis program to help you understand if our technology is a good fit for your company and the products you offer. This offer includes running a batch of up to 50 individual components in one commodity process group through the aPriori batch costing tool. The analysis of the data will concentrate on identifying any Sourcing outliers. The customer must provide a 3D solid CAD model for each component, the type of material that is to be used with this part, the general manufacturing process group (e.g., sheetmetal fabrication), the production volume for each component, location of manufacture and current cost that the company is paying for this part. aPriori will then analyze the components and create a report of our findings. The results of the analysis can only provided via an on-site meeting, given the high cost and value that this service could potentially provide for your company. We will work with you to schedule a meeting date and time that is mutually convenient.

Interested? Complete the form at the right, and if you qualify*, aPriori will contact you within 48 hours (not including weekends) to discuss logistics for initiating the project.


* Program Notes: aPriori reserves the right to disqualify any company or individual from this offer that is determined to be either a competitor of the company, in a geography not currently served by the company or does not fit our general criteria for a successful engagement.

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