Going from Intent to Impact with aPriori Sustainability Solutions

How do you go from intent to impact with your sustainability solution? Join Rick Burke as he outlines the future of sustainability at aPriori.

For the first time ever, aPriori is able to rapidly calculate CO2 emissions and return meaningful reporting to the end-user so that they can make a real impact toward reaching their green manufacturing goals. Gone are the days where manufacturers are trying to use complex spreadsheets to calculate their carbon footprint. With aPriori, you can use your completely customized digital factory to get carbon data using the 3D CAD model and PLM systems you’re already using. It’s really that easy.

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RB: So this is a really interesting year for aPriori. For the first time we’ve been able to introduce new capabilities in our product that allow manufacturers to calculate CO2 emissions and dramatically reduce their carbon footprint. We think this is incredibly important because climate change is a real thing, and consumers are demanding more sustainable products. Accordingly, the manufacturers of those products are looking to companies like aPriori to help them accomplish that and to help them move their sustainability assessments from intent to impact.

LA: So how are aPriori customers going to be able to meet their sustainability goals with aPriori? And how can aPriori optimize their decision-making process around net zero, emissions reductions, greenhouse gas emission reductions, and their overall environmental impact?

RB: First of all, it’s about speed. Companies need to get their products to market faster as they have new startups popping up all around the world. With some of the more traditional tools that may have been used for cost and carbon reduction, getting those products to market at optimal cost so that they can enjoy positive profit margins and with minimal environmental impact is a real challenge. It takes a ton of skill. You have to have specially trained people.

What makes aPriori very different from any other environmental assessment tools that are trying to enter this market is we provide a number of different types of simulation simultaneously. So you put in the inputs and you use the CAD model. You run it through a digital factory and you can do cost analysis, manufacturability analysis, and carbon analysis, all simultaneously. aPriori enables your product development team members do all these things very quickly, get to market faster, and provides important metrics along the way so that executive stakeholders can evaluate budgets, benchmarks, datasets, and more.

Now your company is not only improving environmental sustainability goals, but time to market and profitability goals as well.

LA: So using aPriori, you’re not toggling between one software for carbon emissions, one software for energy use, another for cost, and another for manufacturability.

RB: Exactly. In fact, we have some customers at our conference today who are actually talking about this and sharing their case studies. We will hear about going from sustainability intent to sustainability impact. There are a lot of companies in the world that know they need to do this, they’re just not sure how to get started. aPriori’s sustainability insights help product development teams to identify the right raw materials, the right supply chain ecosystem, measure greenhouse gas emissions, and so much more. The potential impacts of making one decision over another are identified with the push of a button in aPriori. We are excited to help the biggest manufacturers in the world meet their sustainability and environmental impact goals.

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