Fortifying Your Competitive Edge through aPriori Data Security

Mike Crones | Chief Information Officer, aPriori

Explore the transformative power of data security as a competitive advantage. Learn how to leverage robust safeguards to protect your intellectual property and gain a significant edge in the market.



This executive minute features Mike Crones, Chief Information Officer at aPriori.

Mike Crones: We’re very tuned into the Defense Industrial Base Department of Homeland Security. And so that we make sure on a continual basis we understand the threats to the, not only the US, but all of our customers globally, see trends and to actually monitor some of that.

Leah Archibald: A lot of people don’t realize how important even just CAD data is to affirm intellectual property, but also for national security.

Mike Crones: Absolutely. That’s really the lifeblood of our customers. That CAD data is the intellectual property, right? Sometimes extremely important to their mission. We need to treat it as gold, right? And so it’s so super, super important that we make sure that we’re maintaining that, not to mention our special customers, who we need to handle for aerospace and defense, who have really unique requirements around handling their data.

Listen to the full podcast with Mike Crones to learn how to prevent the top threats to manufacturing security.

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