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Product Cost Management Provides Visibility, Consistency & Throughput for the Entire Product Team

Watch our Enterprise Product Cost Management video to see our Vision of how aPriori can be deployed and successfully utilized across the entire product lifecycle.

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Case Studies

ThyssenKrupp Elevator Americas Reduces Product Costs with aPriori

Detailed cost visibility across the product development lifecycle drives cost efficiencies, accelerates time to market.  Learn more in this case study

NMHG Drives Down Product Costs with aPriori

Product cost management platform provides key insights to help lift product innovation and accelerates time to market.  Learn more in this case study.

SFI Speeds Response Times and Business Growth with aPriori

More accurate and timely project quoting sets SFI apart from its competition.

aPriori Customer Use Case eBook

This compilation of Customer Use Cases documents millions of dollars of savings our customers have realized by implementing aPriori across their product development, sourcing and manufacturing teams.

Semiconductor Equipment Manufacturer Gains Double Digit % Savings on Parts Using aPriori

Early cost visibility identifies big savings on machined and cast parts