aP Generate: Increase Manufacturing Success Without Design Downtime

Experience the game-changing power of aP Generate. aP Generate’s automation technology and proactive notifications transform design teams’ approach to their work, providing critical insight where it’s needed: in the earliest stages of the design process. Get eal-time simulations identifying cost drivers and manufacturability issues, delivered automatically to your imbox. With aP Generate, your design teams can harness the power of early issue detection to drive efficiency, boost profitability, and outpace your competition. No more fear of escalating costs or late-stage redesigns – just the freedom to focus on world-class innovation.



Your product design teams are under extreme pressure to deliver new product innovations to market in increasingly shorter timeframes and rarely have insight into the manufacturability of the products they design.

This can lead to a variety of issues later in the process – Such as: increased manufacturing costs, lower factory throughput and costly redesign

These can impact margins or delay product launch but ultimately result in lost opportunities and lower revenues.

aP Generate is a revolutionary solution from aPriori.
It provides a powerful capability to overcome these challenges, without adding to the product designer’s workload; freeing them to do what they do best – world-class design.

aP Generate provides the analysis and proactive notification necessary to get your designs right, early in the design process, maximizing profitability and increasing efficiency.

So, how does it work?

For every design iteration checked into the PLM (Product Lifecycle Management) environment the manufacturing process is automatically simulated.

Parts that have the most cost or manufacturability issues are identified and the important cost drivers are highlighted.

A report containing the results of the analysis is captured in PLM and email notifications are automatically sent to the relevant people.

These reports and notifications include Design to cost scores as well as a list of issues.

Design and manufacturing teams are taken directly to the manufacturing simulation where they can visualize the problems and explore recommendations to improve the design for manufacturability and cost.

Early detection of issues through automated manufacturing simulation lowers the cost and prevents late-stage engineering change orders allowing you to focus on innovation and stay one step ahead of your competitors

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