Manufacturing Cost Models

aPriori’s rigorous, physics-based process models address common manufacturing processes including sheet metal fabrication, bar & tube fabrication, welded or mechanical assemblies, plastic molding, sand and die casting, forging, turning and multi-axis machining and a wide variety of heat treatments and surface treatment or finishing operations.

Deterministic routings generate the lowest cost production method from an aPriori baseline Virtual Production Environment (VPE), customer specific VPE, or global supplier VPE. This allows manufacturing and purchasing professionals to explore cost saving production alternatives down to the machine level.

Highlighted Features and Capabilities

  • Process set-up control, including production volume, product life, material selection and tooling considerations
  • Automatic or manual machine selection for individual operations
  • Automatic lowest cost or manual routings supported
  • Make/buy decisions supported through multi-factory / multi-process routings
  • Tool libraries (e.g., end mills, drills, etc.) supported
  • Tooling costs are calculated based on both product design and manufacturing process considerations

Manufacturing Process Groups Supported

All manufacturing processes listed in the column titled “Processes in Baseline Cost Models” are included when a customer orders a Process Group.  All manufacturing processes listed in the column titled “Processes Supported by Service Extensions” are available through configuration of the Baseline Cost Models delivered as part of a Process Group.  Service Extensions are delivered by aPriori’s Professional Services team, and require a separate investment above and beyond the purchase of a license to the Process Group.

We are continuously expanding our library of process models and working closely with our customers to support additional manufacturing methods. If you would like to learn more about our current processes or don’t see the one you are interested in on this list, please contact us.

Process Group Processes in Baseline Cost Models Processes Supported by Service Extensions
Sheetmetal I Cut-to-Length, Shear, Oxyfuel/Plasma/Laser/Waterjet Cutting, Turret Press, Plasma-Punch, Laser-Punch, Bend Brake, 2- 3- and 4- Roller Bending, Deslag Folding, Straightening, Flame-Cut Beveling, Bump Bending, Ironworker, Laser Etching
Sheetmetal II Progressive Die, Partial Progressive Die, Stage Tooling, Standard Press, 3D Laser
Bar & Tube Fabrication Reciprocating/Band/Circular Sawing, Shear, Tube Laser, Punching, Rotary Draw, Compression, Bend Brake, 2- 3- and 4- Roller Bending, End Treatments: Bar Forming, Expansion, Flanging, Flaring, Flattening, Knurling, Notching, Reduction, Slotting
Casting I Sand Casting Lost Wax Investment Casting
Casting II     Die Casting, Permanent Mold Casting
Plastic Molding Single Shot Injection Molding, Structural Foam Molding, Reaction Injection Molding  Rubber Molding
Roto/Blow Molding Rotational Molding, Blow Molding
Sheet Plastic Thermoforming, Vacuum Forming, Drape Molding
Powder Metal Compaction Pressing, Furnace Sintering
Forging   Closed Die Forging
Rapid Prototyping SLA, SLS, 3D Printing SLM, DLMS
Machining I CNC 3-axis Milling, CNC 4-axis Milling, CNC 5-axis Milling, Sawing/Cut-to-Length, Gun Drilling, Wire EDM, Drill Press, Deburring Vertical & Horizontal Boring, Flow Drill, Lapping
Machining II CNC Turning: 2-axis & 3-axis conventional lathes, 2-axis & 3-axis bar feed lathes, Mill-Turn, Deep Bore/ Trepanning, Lathe Roughing (on castings), Lathe Finishing, Single Point Threading, Single Plunge Grooving, Multi-Plunge Grooving, Pinch Turning Graphite Milling, Swiss Lathe, Fine Thread Making
Machining III OD Grinding, ID Grinding, Surface Grinding, Single Index Milling, Rotor Grinding Honing, Polishing, Jitterbug Sanding
Gear Making Hobbing, Shaping, Broaching, Rolling, Bevel Gear Cutting, Shaving, Profile Grinding, Threaded Wheel Grinding
Wire Harness Manufacturing Wire/Bundle/Conduit Prep (Cut & Strip), Wire Termination (Wire Marking, Manual/Machine Crimp, Solder, Tin, Heat Shrink), Connector Assembly, Splice (Ultrasonic, Butt, Insulation Displacement), Branch Covering, Braid, Harness Layout (Formboard Setup/Test, Wire Layout, Branch Layout, Twist, Labeling (Heat Shrink Label, Wrap-Around Label), Testing (Pull Test, Continuity Test, Hipot Test)
Assembly Welding Weld Preparation, Manual MIG Welding, Manual Spot Welding, Robotic MIG Welding, Robotic Spot Welding, Weld Cleanup, Welding on Parts TIG Welding, Resistance, Ultrasonic and Friction Welding, Laser Welding, Brazing, Soldering, Electro-Beam Welding, Sub-Arc, Multi-Cell Robotic Welding, Two-Wire MIG Welding
Mechanical Assembly Manual Screw, Power Screw, Press Fit, Snap Fit, Rivet, Tab Bend, Nut Insert Adhesives, Helicoil Insertion , Bonding, Grease Packing, Wire Routing; Most Mechanical Assembly Procedures
Surface Treatment Shot Blast, Degreasing, Basic Painting (e.g., cost per surface area), Powder-Coat Cart Painting, Wet-Coat Line Painting, One-Sided Fraction Painting, Plating (4 types), Silk Screening Anodizing, Chem Film, Booth Painting , Protective Coat; Most Surface Treatments—both whole part and localized
Heat Treatment Aging, Annealing (3 types), Cryogenic Freezing, Solutioning, Stress Relieving, Surface Hardening (3 types), Tempering (2 types) Through Hardening (4 types) Normalization, Chromizing, Borizing; Most Heat Treatments—both whole part and localized
Inspection In Process Inspection for Sand Casting, Permanent Mold Casting, Heat Treatment Final Inspection, CMM, Ultrasonic Inspection, Liquid Penetrant Inspection, Magnetic Particle Inspection; Most Inspections—both whole part and localized
Packaging Carton Forming, Pack & Load (wrapping, bagging), Carton Sealing Truck Loading, Bag & Tag, Intrim-State Packaging, Cleanroom Packaging; Most Packaging Models
Logistics Transportation
User-Guided Processes Bend Break, Turret Press, Stage Tooling, Progressive Die, Injection Molding Available for all processes in aPriori automated
costing manufacturing process groups