How aPriori Works

Through an innovative, patented understanding of how product design, materials and manufacturing processes translate into product costs, aPriori is helping leading manufacturing and product companies improve overall financial performance.

how it works 600

The cost estimation process starts when the end user opens up a CAD file. The system then asks for a few additional pieces of input, including: the material, the general manufacturing process, a production volume and the location of manufacture (e.g., Mexico, China, etc.). Within seconds, aPriori will tell you how much it will cost to make it.

Every time the user makes a change to the CAD design, the material or the factory that will make the part – aPriori automatically recalculates a revised costs within seconds.

aPriori is designed to answer 5 key cost questions:

  • What if I make a change to the design?
  • What if I change the location of where a product is manufactured?
  • What if we change the material used to make the product?
  • What if we change the process used to manufacture the product?
  • What if we change the production volume?