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Business Intelligence for Delivering High Value, Profitable Products

Cost Insight is a business intelligence capability that provides access to the cost and manufacturing data that aPriori is calculating, consolidating and aggregating. Project leads, managers and key stake holders along with traditional aPriori users have intuitive, self-service access to product cost information to track progress of cost management initiatives and enable decisions based on reliable and detailed product cost data.



The aPriori platform is architected to provide real-time cost information on parts and complete products. With Cost Insight, aPriori extends the platform with enterprise-quality business intelligence capabilities including dashboards, reports, alerts and integration with other manufacturing business systems. Cost Insight delivers meaningful, role-based insights for design, engineering, manufacturing, value-engineering and sourcing executives and managers. The system is completely web-enabled for anytime, anywhere access including mobile devices and tablets.

Key Features in Cost Insight

  • A reporting data mart with automated/scheduled export of data from the aPriori product cost management platform
  • Powerful export, transform, and load (ETL) data integration for connecting aPriori to other enterprise systems and applications
  • A robust set of business intelligence (BI) tools including ad hoc reporting, dashboard creation and a production report authoring tool
  • Out-of-the-box reports and dashboards to support key cost management processes such as outlier analysis and product cost tracking

Specific Reporting Capabilities

aPriori Cost Insight provides intuitive, role-based reporting of product cost data at the component (rollup, assembly and part) and process/operation level. Specific reports include:

  • Production Reports – Built using the Cost Insight professional report authoring tool and designed to assist end users in tasks related to their specific product cost management responsibilities.
  • Ad Hoc reports – Built by the end-user with Cost Insight’s online templates and designed for on demand reporting by business professionals who want to enhance their visibility into product cost and share that knowledge with other stakeholders.
  • Dashboard reports – Built using the Cost Insight professional report authoring tool, and in simple cases, the Ad Hoc tool.  The dashboards are designed to support daily monitoring of product cost management activities.

For a private demonstration of the latest generation of aPriori’s technology, please send us an email at or call +01-978-371-2006.

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