CAD Integration with aPriori

Available for All Major
CAD platforms

Reliable CAD Data Extraction to Drive Manufacturability Improvements

Gain insights into product manufacturability using design models from widely adopted CAD systems, and industry neutral model formats such as STEP and SAT.

Generate cost estimates using 3D CAD models in minutes instead of weeks for even the most complex assemblies and components.

aPriori extracts Geometric Cost Drivers (GCDs) and tolerances automatically from the CAD model, eliminating tedious manual entry of geometric cost drivers for the 3D model.

Establish consistency of cost estimation across your entire product suite. Eliminate large variances in actual manufacturing costs and unexplainable reductions in profit margins.

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Collaborating with CAD Models in aPriori Cloud

The aPriori Cloud allows stakeholders to load, cost, and share CAD models in real time. Users can work on costing CAD models using scenarios in private workspaces and share the cost scenarios with other stakeholders using a public workspace.

  • Design engineers share cost scenarios with project leads and executives, providing insight early into cost drivers that might require a project review, design modifications even a product redesign.
  • Cost engineers share cost scenarios with design engineers, highlighting product design areas that incur high manufacturing costs, and with sourcing managers providing a detailed cost analysis to inform sourcing decisions.
  • Sourcing Managers share cost scenarios with stakeholders such as quoting managers and manufacturing engineers at supplier firms who might be situated at different locations. These stakeholders receive should cost estimates with the design models as soon as they are placed in the cloud public workspace by the customer.
  • Manufacturing Engineer/ Supplier — With aPriori Cloud, manufacturing engineers and suppliers around the world gain immediate access to should cost reports and design models from customers. They can quickly validate manufacturing feasibility, identify manufacturability issues related to product design or process selection, and communicate their findings back to the customer. Stakeholders on both sides collaborate to review modified design models, agree on process selection, and complete negotiations.

All stakeholders can also access and work with 3D CAD models of the part or assembly stored on their local computers.

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Benefits of CAD Integration Described by aPriori Users

Design Engineer

By costing my 3D CAD model in aPriori, I get early visibility into the cost impact of my product design. If my product design exceeds target cost, I can modify my design, quickly cost the alternative designs with aPriori, and pick a more cost-effective design that meets performance specs. Of course, using aPriori’s Cost Insight Design to cost my 3D models from right within my CAD system makes my job a lot easier.

Cost Engineer

My team uses aPriori to cost every variant of the product component or assembly represented by the 3D CAD model, regardless of the CAD system utilized by design teams. With shared access to the 3D CAD model, I can make engineering design recommendations to improve manufacturability, and collaborate with manufacturing and supplier teams to understand manufacturing processes, material usage, and labor needs.

Sourcing Manager

My team is responsible for sourcing components and assemblies for our global product portfolio. With aPriori’s one click cost estimation of 3D CAD models, my sourcing specialists don’t need to be engineers. They utilize aPriori reports on fully burdened costs to help them quickly understand cost drivers, establish should cost, compare global sourcing alternatives, and begin informed negotiations with suppliers.

Manufacturing Engineer at Supplier

As a supplier to global design and manufacturing firms, my company responds to RFPs and RFQs every day. By accessing my customers 3D design model in aPriori Cloud, I can use the costing results to optimize my process routings and secondary process options and develop more accurate manufacturing time standards. The result is more contract wins for my company.

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