More than any other industry, the automotive industry vertical is undergoing seismic changes that are profoundly affecting the way manufacturers think about mobility and the products they design to meet consumer demand. Some of the most significant obstacles in the journey to profitability include:

Global Customer Demand

Customer demand continues to grow and evolve in emerging economies (China, India, Russia, ASEAN nations). Product needs and buying power are different than in mature markets (North America, Europe, Japan).

Governmental Regulations

Government regulations have been created for fuel efficiency and safety that are eating into corporate profitability. Rules and regulations are different in every major economy further compounding the issue.

Rising Costs in LCCs

Rising costs in Low Cost Countries (LCCs) and increasing productivity in developed countries is shifting manufacturers' sourcing and manufacturing strategies.

How Apriori Can Help

Product Cost Management solutions enable original equipment manufacturers and their supply chain partners to better understand and meet target costs for increasingly complex systems, components, and tooling, whether they are designed and manufactured in-house or by Tier 1 and Tier 2 supply chain partners.

Global Vehicle Platforms and Modularization

Cost a complete bill of materials for a complex vehicle module and then use assembly cost scenarios to quickly and easily conduct feature/value tradeoffs that represent product variants for different global markets.

Manage Profitability During Redesigns

As government regulations like CAFE push auto manufacturers towards new electric, hybrid electric and hydrogen power systems, major platform redesigns will be required. aPriori PCM lets you make changes to the CAD model and quickly understand the cost consequences of those decisions.

Supply Chain Collaboration

As OEMs and suppliers strive to collaborate more effectively, aPriori helps these partners understand the cost implications of design and manufacturing alternatives, and the cost of tooling for plastic and stamped parts.

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