The Engineer | March 6, 2019

New Article in The Engineer: Cost Cutter


One of the United Kingdom’s leading engineering publications – The Engineer – recently sat down with aPriori business leaders to discuss the growing call for solutions that help engineering teams identify and eliminate cost drivers early in the design process.

Guy Langley, VP, EMEA for the firm, said that the software enables businesses to take a fundamentally different approach to cost reduction. “There’s not been a great deal of
pressure on the design engineer from the perspective of cost,” he told The Engineer. “It’s all been fit, form, and function – now we’re starting to see a lot of organizations where the business is turning to engineering and saying you need to take cost out – because if you take cost out early in the cycle it has a bigger impact than having to manage it out later on.”

Read the complete article here.

This link will bring up the digital magazine version of The Engineer.  Turn to page 38 for the Cost Cutter article.

For More Information on aPriori’s design for manufacturability and cost solutions, visit this page.