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Excel to Excellence Webinar: Revolutionizing Cost Engineering with 3D CAD Precision

 | April 2, 2024

Excel to Excellence webinar

Join us on Thursday, April 18th, at 11 a.m. ET for our Webinar:
“Excel to Excellence: Revolutionizing Cost Engineering with 3D CAD Precision”

This session will outline how you can save time by using cost engineering tools that analyze 3D CAD designs automatically for cost, DFM, and sustainability optimization. This approach enables you to focus on identified cost or performance outliers.

Our webinar will cover:

  • The limitations and risks of using spreadsheets and other traditional cost estimation tools
  • The path to increasing cost estimation speed and accuracy with automated tools (where to start, how to integrate it into your existing workflow, and more)
  • Opportunities to scale based on part volume and product complexity:
    • Automated part & assembly analysis: Gain cost and DFM rating insights on individual parts or assemblies based on 3D CAD models
    • Automated bulk and matrix analysis: Scale your cost analysis by analyzing large volumes of parts and assembles at once
    • PLM integration-based analysis: Review 3D CAD design updates automatically for cost, DFM, and more when they are checked into your PLM system

Don’t miss the opportunity to learn about the latest developments in cost engineering and how aPriori can help improve your costing efforts – register today!