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MIC ‘23: Powerhouses to Speak on Manufacturing Digital Twins

 | September 12, 2023

Key Takeaways:

  • Business leaders share how they are using manufacturing digital twins to increase profitability and sustainability at MIC 2023
  • Presenters at the November conference in Orlando include Boeing, Carrier, Eaton, GE Appliances, and Signify

The Full Article:

Manufacturing digital twins provide a powerful solution for mitigating risks and enabling data-driven product design and development decision-making. Successful utilization of digital twin technology helps manufacturers reduce costs, shorten development times, and meet customer demands for high-quality products.

To help innovators harness this capability, this year’s Manufacturing Insights Conference (MIC) theme is “Digital Twins: Reimagined.” The theme reflects aPriori’s commitment to unlocking manufacturing digital twins’ value for designing more profitable and sustainable products. At MIC 2023, you’ll hear from some of the world’s most innovative manufacturers, including Boeing, Carrier, Eaton, GE Appliances, Nikola, Signify, TE Connectivity, and more.

As we approach this year’s conference, let’s delve further into what some of our speakers from leading manufacturers will present.

Boeing: A Roadmap to Sewing Cost Data Into the Digital Quilt

Boeing’s Lead Affordability Systems Engineer, Heidi Kneller, will present how aPriori helps reduce costs and compare designs based on product performance. Kneller will cover how aPriori’s geometric intelligence engine uses the 3D CAD model as its initial input and critical component. The CAD model is a virtual representation of physical product designs. aPriori automatically extracts CAD data to generate actionable, real-time cost insights for informed and rapid product design decision-making. This enables Boeing to develop high-quality, cost-effective new products that compete in dynamic manufacturing industries.

Kneller will also discuss how aPriori’s advanced capabilities help Boeing overcome its most pressing business challenges, including:

  • Identifying and prioritizing cost opportunities. aPriori’s automation-driven matrix costing enables Boeing to simultaneously identify and capitalize on cost-saving opportunities for multiple product parts and assemblies. Further, Boeing leverages aPriori’s physics-based process models to evaluate different manufacturing processes for cost efficiency.
  • Streamlining bid evaluation and data-based contract negotiation. Boeing uses aPriori to automate and bring data-driven insights to traditionally manual, error-prone bid evaluation and contract negotiation processes. Boeing can now save time and money using aPriori’s feedback based on real-world manufacturing conditions.

Carrier: The How and Why of Design for Sustainability

Hear from Tristan Abend, Value Engineering Manager for Carrier, as he discusses how aPriori is crucial to reaching net-zero emissions by 2050. Abend will also explain how aPriori’s design for sustainability (DfS) solution provides real-time data and metrics to simultaneously achieve cost and carbon savings.

aPriori’s DfS functionality measures embodied and operational carbon, enabling Carrier to quickly design sustainable innovations from the outset. Join the session to learn how Carrier employs manufacturing digital twin technology to automate design workflows and enhance corporate sustainability.

Explore the full list of speakers and their presentations at the Manufacturing Insights Conference.

Eaton: Digital Engineering: The Key to Zero Lead-Time Product Development

Eaton faced challenges in reducing engineering lead times while maintaining product quality and accelerating time to market (TTM). Dr. Uyiosa Abusomwan, Eaton’s Senior Digital Engineering Manager, will uncover how aPriori enables the manufacturing company to reduce product development time by 80%. He will detail how Eaton achieved this reduction by implementing a three-step digital engineering strategy, which encompasses:

  • Step 1: Integrating aPriori early in the product design stage. Eaton seamlessly incorporates the aPriori solution into early product design to unlock real-time cost and manufacturability insights.
  • Step 2: Streamlining product iteration and optimization processes. Eaton’s project stakeholders use aPriori’s API and manufacturing digital twin technology to accelerate workflows and make data-driven design decisions.
  • Step 3: Embracing machine learning (ML) intelligence. Eaton embraces ML technology to create predictive models that evaluate the performance of products using real-time data. These models consider various metrics, including cost, manufacturability, and performance insights. As a result, the company can make data-driven decisions throughout the supply chain and reduce design time to mere seconds.

Read this case study to learn how Eaton uses aPriori for supply chain sustainability in automotive.

GE Appliances: Embedding Should Cost Into Your Organization for Start-up Success

Join GE Appliances’ session on securing cross-functional buy-in for new should cost tools like aPriori across the enterprise and product life cycle.

Jill Snyder, Cost Engineering Director for GE Appliances, will discuss how the manufacturing company’s leaders managed to:

  • Strengthen relationships and improve connectivity among critical departments, such as cost, sourcing, and engineering teams, with collaborative should cost technology.
  • Ensure that cross-functional team members have a standardized approach and a clear understanding of conducting should cost analysis.
  • Collaborate with engineers and subject-matter experts (SMEs) to build aPriori cost models for various commodities, surface treatments, colors, and production processes.

Session attendees will learn how to effectively employ aPriori to estimate product costs based on material and production process decisions.

Signify: Digital Transformation and The Power of Creative Procurement

The Signify team significantly improved its procurement process through digital transformation and the implementation of automation functionalities.

In their session, Signify’s Transformation Program Director, Arnold Chatelain, and DfX Manager Europe, Robert Ottens, will discuss how aPriori:

  • Enables Signify to increase efficiency and automate the procurement process.
  • Ensures new product innovations are available to consumers at the right time.
  • Provides a strong partnership that is crucial for the successful execution of digital transformation initiatives.

Attendees will discover how aPriori helps Signify improve its bottom line and speed up product TTM in a competitive industry.

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