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aPriori 2023 R1: What’s New Webinar Highlights Process Innovation Enhancements

 | March 23, 2023

Webinar Highlights:

  • Sustainability insights improve product design and manufacturing processes for profit, CO2e, and manufacturability
  • Cloud-only aP Workspace accelerates time to market via better collaboration and efficiency across the product development lifecycle
  • Other application, assembly, modeling, and data enhancements further improve productivity and workflows

The Full Article:

Manufacturers have and continue to face challenges ranging from better collaboration across the product development lifecycle to supply chain shortages and sustainability initiatives. How can manufacturers navigate material shortages and supply chain issues, while achieving sustainability, manufacturability, and profitability with fewer resources?

You can move from intent to impact. The right manufacturing insights solution such as aPriori can help you achieve those objectives. Even better? aPriori is continuously committed to improving its solutions. Learn more about our latest improvements featured in our upcoming webinar.

Discover How aPriori’s Upgrades Address Challenges

aPriori ensures manufacturers are agile, profitable, and competitive. Several key enhancements to our solution will be introduced in our March 29th webinar.

aPriori 2023 R1 includes new features for both cloud and on-premise customers. These enhancements provide manufacturers with the only manufacturing intelligence platform to optimize products for cost, manufacturability, and sustainability. Enhancements include:

  • Sustainability Insights: Learn how aPriori’s newest product is enabling organizations to improve product design and manufacturing process innovation for profit, CO2e, and manufacturability. This enhanced feature can identify, analyze, and measure greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions throughout a manufacturer’s supply chain (from cradle to gate). With aPriori’s sustainability insights, manufacturers can import their 3D CAD and their select digital factory. Automated analysis provides insights and recommendations to take the best course of action. Manufacturers can explore their options – whether it is leveraging design for manufacturability (DFM) to lower material waste and cycle times or assessing a product’s recyclability. Although net-zero CO2 emissions from the industrial sector present a challenge, it is possible to lower them. 

These sustainability insights result in faster, more precise modeling of manufacturing processes. It is a transparent, configurable solution that models carbon emissions, providing actionable insights for tradeoffs between carbon and cost without compromising manufacturability.

Find out how Grundfos used aPriori to support its sustainability initiatives.

  • aP Workspace: Discover how this new cloud-only product accelerates time to market through better collaboration and efficiency across the product development lifecycle. Discover how it can be utilized to mitigate supply chain issues. aP Workspace brings teams together to improve cost, manufacturing, sourcing, and sustainability. Design engineers can share and collaborate on different scenarios. Those in sourcing, costing, and production can view and comment on design data, 3D models, and configuration. Additionally, learn how task management improves workflow and streamlines productivity.
  • New Application Capabilities: With aP Design, simplify how users compare design scenarios for cost, carbon, and manufacturability. aP Pro allows manufacturers to manage and analyze custom materials for cost, manufacturability, and sustainability. This enhancement improves supply chain management as well, with greater detail, speed, and accuracy. aPriori also has added new reporting for CO2e for materials and manufacturing processes.
  • New Assembly Enhancements: Design and build assemblies faster and more accurately with user-preferred logic and other features, utilizing pre-existing scenarios. Streamline assembly costing with enhanced support for additional BOM-loaded parts. Additional features include live measurements and viewer snapshots.
  • New Modeling and Manufacturing Data Features: The more details available, the more informed your decision-making. aPriori delivers supported manufacturing process models insights as well as new commodity material support. Measure carbon emissions in the manufacturing process. Now, you can compare CO2e differences by region via aPriori’s Regional Data Libraries (RDLs) in 87 geographic locations. Gain more in-depth, accurate regional information – for better supply chain management – on labor, overhead, machines, and materials for all regions including new RDLs for Saudi Arabia as well as multiple regions in India and Mexico. 

Attend aPriori’s March 29th 23.1 What’s New Webinar

Whether you’re a current customer or considering what you can do to improve your supply chain management, meet sustainability initiatives, and ensure manufacturability and profitability, this webinar is not to be missed. All current users with cloud capabilities will have access to for better collaboration.

The webinar will be an informative, interactive preview of the latest 2023 R1 release. Register today to join our March 29th webinar at 11:00 EST. Fielder Hiss, Chief Product Officer, Carsten Hochmuth and Karen Gold, both Directors of Product Management, and Chris Jeznach, Director, Product Marketing, will be presenters.


Attend What’s New Webinar: 23.1 Release

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