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Costing without Complexity

aPriori software helps you answer cost questions faster than you could ever imagine. This is enabled by the three core benefits that PCM provides: Visibility, Consistency and Throughput.

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Typical cost questions that can be answered by a modern PCM application:

  • What happens if I change the product design geometry? Did the cost go up or down?
  • What happens to the cost and weight of my design if we change the material from aluminum to steel?
  • How much savings can we get if we make 50,000 vs. 100?
  • If I use a die casting process instead of a sand casting process, will this reduce my cost?
  • What will happen to the cost if we move the manufacturing of our product from Mexico to China?

Until now, most software applications that attempted to provide the cost of a manufactured part required large amounts of data input each time a new quote was required. Furthermore, these products could only be used by a handful of specialists that required extensive training to be productive with the application. aPriori is an entirely different cost management solution that is dedicated to providing our customers costing without complexity.

Costing Across the Enterprise

aPriori is designed to be used by people throughout your company, requires very little training to become proficient, and provides a cost estimate in real-time simply by opening a 3D CAD design. Pick the type of manufacturing process from a drop down menu, enter the volume of production, and select the virtual factory that will be used to generate the cost. It's that easy.

Groups that would find great value from product cost management include:

Design Engineering

Manufacturing Engineering

Manufacturing Process Planning

Cost Estimation, Value Analysis, Value Engineering

Purchasing, Procurement, Sourcing

Program and Project Management

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