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Product Cost Managment Provides Visibility, Consistency & Throughput for the Entire Product Team

Watch our Enterprise Product Cost Management video to see our Vision of how aPriori can be deployed and successfully utilized across the entire product lifecycle.

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Videos and Demos


Our Vision of Enterprise Product Cost Management

Watch this short video to learn about about aPriori’s vision of how product cost management should be deployed across your entire enterprise to help team’s collaborate on important tradeoff decisions.


Costing without Complexity

Watch this short video to see how aPriori Product Cost Management can help you reduce product costs


Using Product Cost Analytics to Keep Engineering on Schedule and Budget

Hear Michelle Boucher of Aberdeen discuss the findings of their comprehensive research study that describes how industry leaders are leveraing Product Cost Management to improve time to market and profitability.


Reduce Product Costs with aPriori

This video provides a general overview of how the aPriori Product Cost Management platform helps leading manufacturers reduce product costs.


Launch New Products at or Below Target Cost

aPriori’s Product Cost Management platform helps companies launch new products at or below target cost by giving them real-time feedback on every single design change they are considering, as they are considering making the change.


Maximize Savings on Redesign Projects

For re-design projects, aPriori provides design engineers with instant cost feedback as they attempt to cost-reduce production parts. Designers can simply load parts to see what they cost today and then evaluate cost-saving, alternative designs using aPriori’s precise product cost information


Avoid Overpaying for Outsourced Parts

aPriori makes it possible for companies to ensure consistently optimal pricing for their outsourced parts and products. With aPriori’s real-time product cost information, sourcing professionals always know precisely how much a part or product “should cost” to produce


Increase the Speed & Accuracy of RFQ Responses

OEMs are looking to outsource business to suppliers, but demand accurate and detailed quotations. From the supplier’s perspective, it’s challenging to keep up with the number of business opportunities because generating accurate and detailed quotations is a manual, resource-intensive process. With aPriori, the time required to generate a detailed cost estimate can be reduced from days to minutes.


Rough Global Tooling Improves RFQ Response by 300%

Hear Mark Kunitz from Roush Global Tooling discuss improvements in their cost estimating process through the implementation of aPriori Automated Costing.


How aPriori Works

Learn the basics about how aPriori produces a detailed cost estimate with a just a few basic inputs in just a few seconds.