aPriori 2011r2

Next Generation of aPriori Enables New Industries to Leverage Modern Product Cost Management Technology

The latest release of our product cost management platform provides a number of important new features and functional improvements that significantly expand the potential cost optimization applications for the software while also making it faster and easier for end users to generate and use costs in multi-site, enterprise-wide deployments. 

New industries such as Oil & Gas Equipment, Aerospace & Defense contractors, Semiconductor Equipment, Tool, Mold & Die Making companies will find this new release provides new costing capabilities that will simplify the process and accelerate the time required to generate highly detailed cost estimates.

A more detailed explanation of key improvements provided in aPriori 2011r2 is provided below.


This release contains new functionality and enhancements that significantly expand our costing capabilities for machined parts, make aPriori easier and faster for end-users to generate costs and allow users to cost a broader set of components. Highlights include:

  • Expanded High Tolerance Machining - Premium product manufacturers whose customers have historically not been overly price sensitive are now increasing their priority on controlling costs. For example, companies involved in manufacturing oil & gas equipment are finding that new government safety regulations are driving significant product cost increases. Their customers have demonstrated that they are not willing to shoulder all of these additional costs through price increases. This trend is forcing companies to analyze opportunities to control costs in the design and sourcing of components. In response to this market need, aPriori 2011r2 includes significantly enhanced high tolerance machining capabilities that will allow these companies to quickly and easily calculate cost throughout the entire design, sourcing and manufacturing process, and understand the financial implications of each and every tradeoff decision they make.
  • Highly Detailed Tooling Estimates - In response to the growing market need for better methods to estimate the cost of hard tooling (e.g., capital investments to support part production) that can be used by tooling experts, as well as non-experts, aPriori has significantly upgraded its capabilities to generate highly detailed tooling cost estimates for components
  • aPriori has continued its commitment to expanding our manufacturing process costing coverage. New baseline models include blow molding, tandem die stamping, powder metal, packaging, rapid proto-typing
  • aPriori is strengthening its enterprise-level performance by significantly increasing the application speed over WAN. aPriori is also enhancing its data security by creating separate roles with distinct permissions for System Administrators and VPE Administrators.
  • aPriori is adding a platform for custom results tracking -- users can now easily baseline components for comparison purposes, create dynamic rolls (e.g., groupings of parts by specific projects, timeframes or departments) and generate results reports.
  • aPriori will provide a series of out-of-the-box reports and customers can engage with our Services group to configure reports for specific workflows or business practices.

What’s New in aPriori 2011R2 – Feature & Enhancement Details

Enhanced Machining Capabilities

New processes have been added to the aPriori baselines for 5-axis Milling (in Machining I); Mill/Turning, Deep Bore/Trepanning (in Machining II) and Deburring and Inspections (in Machining III). Additional enhancements include:

  • Improved Setup-Axis management, producing more realistic auto-determination of setups and features machined from each setup, and providing the user with greater flexibility to modify setups and surface-finishing operations.
  • Volumetric machining will be supported regardless of stock form (bar, tube, billet).
  • Support for a broader array of stock forms and sizes for any type of part. In particular, removing the Bar & Tube limitation that stocks cannot be larger than the finished part.

Detailed Tooling Estimates for Plastic and Stamped Parts

aPriori has extended its out-of-the-box costing capabilities to generate detailed tooling estimates that include information about the physical attributes of the tool (e.g., mold size, actions, lifters etc.), materials and purchased items (e.g., core & cavity plates, ejector box etc.) and labor and machine times (design, machining, assembly, tryout etc.). Each time a component is cost, a tooling cost is automatically generated, providing non-tooling experts quick access to precise estimates. As manufacturers are requesting more detail in quotes from their vendors this solution can also provide suppliers a means to quickly and accurate generate quotes, allowing them to respond to more RFQs and drive increased revenue.

New & Expanded Baseline Processes

  • Powder Metal – aPriori has introduced a new process group and initial baseline cost model for Powder Metal. The model will estimate the material mixing, forming and sintering which can optionally be followed by heat treatments, machining and surface treatments.
  • Packaging -- aPriori has added baseline cost models for the following packaging processes: Carton Forming, Pack & Load and Carton Sealing. Pack & Load can optionally support Bubble Wrapping and Bagging components prior to boxing. Our baseline cost models include support for semi-automated packaging of small and medium sized parts. Manual packaging will support parts of all sizes.
  • Rapid Prototyping -- aPriori has introduced a new process group and initial baseline cost model for Rapid Prototyping. Processes include SLA and SLS.
  • Tandem Die –A baseline cost model for tandem die has been added to the Sheet Metal II process group and will be available to all customers licensed to Sheet Metal II.
  • Blow Molding -- aPriori has added baseline support for Blow Molding. This capability will be available in the new Roto / Blow Molding process group.
  • Improved geometry recognition in roto molding, adding support for containers with non round openings (e.g., ovals, rectangles etc.).

Architecture Enhancements

  • aPriori has strengthened its enterprise-level performance by significantly increasing the application speed over WAN. The changes include reduced communication between clients and the database and more efficient movement of data across the network. Customers working in multi-site deployment with a single database will experience improved performances, specific performance changes will be dependent on each customer’s network.
  • aPriori has certified support for Solidworks 2011, Inventor 2011 and Solid Edge ST3
  • aPriori has certified database support for Oracle 11g
  • aPriori upgraded the application’s Viewer

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