How Manufacturing Simulation Builds a Resilient Product Innovation Process

Are you looking for a new way to overcome supply chain disruption in your product innovation process?

Watch how introducing real-time manufacturability simulation, design guidance, and cost visibility will help you overcome supply chain disruptions and re-start new product innovation programs.



In today’s highly pressurized and highly volatile business environment, there is an even greater need for manufacturers to innovate and speed products to market at the same or lower cost. This requires product teams to analyze product portfolios, ensuring manufacturability, eliminating cost drivers, and optimizing sustainability for each go-forward program.

Around the globe, design and manufacturing teams are achieving these objectives with the help of aPriori’s manufacturing insights, providing a solution for each stage of the product life cycle and each member of the product team. aPriori simulates real-life manufacturing capabilities with our digital factories while products are still in design, minimizing costly engineering change orders at the end of the design process.

Reduce Existing Product Costs and Streamline the Product Innovation Process

Calculate manufacturing costs quickly and achieve your profitability and sustainability goals more consistently, identify opportunities for cost reductions in current products through bulk costing and analysis, explore design and production alternatives in seconds or minutes through quick automated manufacturing analysis of your digital twin, reduce the risks associated with inaccurate, inconsistent quotes with automated costing in our digital factories, all of which works seamlessly with your existing business systems, not only changing the way you work but empowering you to deliver the best product on time, every time.

Build Sustainable, Cost-Effective New Products and Gain a Competitive Advantage

So unlock the value in your digital twins and maximize data-driven decision-making with aPriori. aPriori helps manufacturing companies unlock new potential for profitability, manufacturability, and sustainability through a unique end-to-end digital twin solution that identifies new opportunities for cost savings, innovation, and carbon reduction. aPriori boosts manufacturers’ digital thread investments to deliver business value at scale, increase agility, and minimize risk.

aPriori: Making profitability and sustainability a reality for a better world.

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