aPriori Solutions Overview

The aPriori Product Cost Management software platform is the first software solution to provide discrete manufacturers and product companies with real-time product cost assessments throughout the entire development and production process.

aPriori’s revolutionary cost management capabilities empower organizations to identify quantifiable savings in material, tooling, labor and overhead when evaluating alternative designs, manufacturing processes and sources. With access to real-time cost assessments throughout the product development process, employees in sourcing, engineering and manufacturing will make well-informed decisions that drive significant costs out of products pre- and post-production.

Through an innovative, patented understanding of how product design, materials and manufacturing processes translate into product costs, aPriori replaces traditional, inefficient cost-estimation techniques (such as activity-based costing, contract quoting or statistical analysis) with precise cost assessments that update in real-time as parameters change. aPriori provides true cost visibility to everyone in the organization that impacts cost – designers, manufacturing engineers and planners, purchasing and sourcing professionals, cost managers, program management and executives.

Click on the links below to learn how aPriori benefits specific functional areas:

  • For Design / Engineering – Launch New Products at or Below Target Cost
    Learn how aPriori helps Engineers meet or beat target costs on new product initiatives 
  • For Sourcing / Supply Chain - Never Overpay for Outsourced Parts
    Learn how aPriori reduces product costs in the supply chain 
  • For Cost Experts / Analysts - Maximize Cost Savings on Re-Work Projects
    Learn how aPriori makes costing easier/faster for cost experts
  • For Suppliers - Increase the Accuracy and Speed of RFQ Responses
    Learn how aPriori provides fast, accurate cost estimates that will win you more business 



Introduction to aPriori

Narrated Presentation describing aPriori's history, product overview and examples of customers using aPriori.

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Product Demo

The aPriori Video Player contains a series of Product Demos that walk you through an Introduction to aPriori, and how aPriori is used by New Product Engineering, Value Engineering, Sourcing and Suppliers to OEMs.

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