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Product Cost Managment Provides Visibility, Consistency & Throughput for the Entire Product Team

Watch our Enterprise Product Cost Management video to see our Vision of how aPriori can be deployed and successfully utilized across the entire product lifecycle.

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Case Study: Going Global with ThyssenKrupp Elevators

Mattijn deGraaf talks about their strategic approach to implementing a consistent enterprise product cost management strategy across their global R&D organization using aPriori’ technology platform and expert services as the foundation for achieving their vision.

Examples of benefits described include:

  • Why aPriori – Mattijn describes the specific reasons why they chose to partner with aPriori after evaluating all major PDM solutions
  • Product Cost Savings – hear about the initial business case where TKE saved almost $50,000 on a simple project to evaluate design alternatives for a bracket
  • Implementation Support – aPriori’s expert Professional Services are a critical element to every deployment.  Listen how TKE formed a strategic business partnership with aPriori’s PS team to achieve success in their initial rollout.
  • Going Global – Mr. deGraaf describes the current status of their deployment after several years of using aPriori, with more than 100 system users, deployed at 13 R&D centers located in countries across the globe.
  • Future Plans – Learn about how TKE plans to push the success of their deployment even further by expanding their deployment to other organizations with the company, and how they are planning to implement an advanced reporting system that will keep Executive Management informed of Product Profitability trends.

Video Length: 7 minutes, 39 seconds

Whirlpool 160x92

Whirlpool Corporation – Customer Case Study

David Ondrias of Whirlpool Corporation talks about their strategic approach to enterprise product cost management using aPriori’ technology platform and expert services as the foundation for achieving their vision.

Examples of benefits described include:

  • Faster Wire Harness Costing – Whirlpool can now cost wire harnesses 96X faster than with their previous system
  • PCBA Costing – David describes how aPriori has helped them accelerate PCBA costing from 3 days down to 1 hour
  • Technical Support – aPriori has provided exceptional technical support across all their implementations around the globe
  • Consistency – migrating from their former Desktop solution to aPriori’s Enterprise Product Cost Management platform has enabled consistency of costing practices across all product teams around the globe

Video Length: 4 minutes, 27 seconds

Title Slide 150x100

American Axle & Manufacturing – Customer Case Study

Ravi Desai of American Axle & Manufacturing (AAM) talks about their strategic approach to enterprise product cost management using aPriori’ technology platform and expert services as the foundation for achieving their vision.

Examples of benefits described include:

  • Faster Cost Estimates – the ability to rapidly generate cost estimates during the earliest design phases is critical to achieving AAM’s enterprise PCM vision
  • Architectural Design Studies -aPriori’s capability to rapidly generate cost estimates from a 3D CAD model now enable AAM to quickly understand the cost differences between design alternatives
  • Material Cost Optimization – one of the key benefits aPriori is delivering for AAM is the ability to refine designs and produce significant material cost savingsPlatform for All Members of the Cost Request Process – aPriori enables product team members from Sales, Engineering, Sourcing and Manufacturing to understand cost implications of key decisions at every step of the product lifecycle

Video Length: 12 minutes, 14 seconds


Honeywell Aerospace – Customer Success Video

Bret Armstrong of Honeywell Aerospace talks about 3 different examples of how his company has driven significant value through their deployment of aPriori’s enterprise product cost management platform.

Examples of benefits described include:

  • 12% Savings on collaborative cost engineering & mechanical design project to cost down sheet metal component
  • Fact-Based Negotiation significantly improved with strategic suppliers
  • 15% Savings on joint project between cost engineering & mechanical design to cost down machined forging component
  • 28% Savings on complex new product design for a ladder assembly
  • Design for Manufacturing benefits of aPriori

Video Length: 5 minutes, 45 seconds


NMHG Customer Success Video

Rick Goldsmith of NMHG talks about how aPriori has been consistently delivering value to their organization since they became a customer in 2006.

Benefits discussed include:

  • Reduced Cycle Time – no more waiting for Quotes to come back from Purchasing or Suppliers for new product designs
  • Rapid Time to Value – new users are almost immediately productive (new user identifies savings of $60,000 in 30 minutes)
  • Global Expansion – smooth expansion of aPriori to users at 8 different sites around the globe over the past 9 years as a customer

Video Length:  2 minutes 12 seconds

cost insight-160x92

Cost Insight Overview Video

aPriori’s Cost Insight provides Executives and Program/Project Managers with visibility into cost trends and status of projects via configurable reports and dashboards.  Learn more by watching this short overview video.


User Guided Costing Demo

For those use cases where you need to calculate a cost estimate, and you don’t have a 3D CAD model, aPriori can provide User Guided Costing.  Watch how this flexible cost modeling solution can help your costing program in this short overview video.


Our Vision of Enterprise Product Cost Management

Watch this short video to learn about aPriori’s vision of how product cost management should be deployed across your entire enterprise to help team’s collaborate on important tradeoff decisions.


Costing without Complexity

Watch this short video to see how aPriori Product Cost Management can help you reduce product costs


Using Product Cost Analytics to Keep Engineering on Schedule and Budget

Hear Michelle Boucher of Aberdeen discuss the findings of their comprehensive research study that describes how industry leaders are leveraing Product Cost Management to improve time to market and profitability.


Reduce Product Costs with aPriori

This video provides a general overview of how the aPriori Product Cost Management platform helps leading manufacturers reduce product costs.


Launch New Products at or Below Target Cost

aPriori’s Product Cost Management platform helps companies launch new products at or below target cost by giving them real-time feedback on every single design change they are considering, as they are considering making the change.


Maximize Savings on Redesign Projects

For re-design projects, aPriori provides design engineers with instant cost feedback as they attempt to cost-reduce production parts. Designers can simply load parts to see what they cost today and then evaluate cost-saving, alternative designs using aPriori’s precise product cost information


Avoid Overpaying for Outsourced Parts

aPriori makes it possible for companies to ensure consistently optimal pricing for their outsourced parts and products. With aPriori’s real-time product cost information, sourcing professionals always know precisely how much a part or product “should cost” to produce


Increase the Speed & Accuracy of RFQ Responses

OEMs are looking to outsource business to suppliers, but demand accurate and detailed quotations. From the supplier’s perspective, it’s challenging to keep up with the number of business opportunities because generating accurate and detailed quotations is a manual, resource-intensive process. With aPriori, the time required to generate a detailed cost estimate can be reduced from days to minutes.


How aPriori Works

Learn the basics about how aPriori produces a detailed cost estimate with a just a few basic inputs in just a few seconds.