Engineering Executive

Identify Cost Drivers at the Point of Origin

Do These Challenges Sound Familiar?

  • My engineering team has never been responsible for cost before – how can I know if a design change is increasing or decreasing the manufacturing cost of the product?
  • It takes too long to get cost quotes back for new parts – how can we accelerate this process?
  • Is there a way to improve the likelihood we meet cost targets when we release a design to manufacturing?

How aPriori Can Help

In the never-ending battle for market-leadership, your design engineers play a more significant role than they may realize in determining a company’s success. But, it’s not just about which company has the best product; it’s also about which company does a better job of controlling its product costs.

aPriori’s Enterprise Product Cost Management solutions assess the cost impact of engineering changes in real-time, helping organizations avoid a number of profit-killing pitfalls including:

  • Missed cost targets
  • Delayed product launches
  • Late-stage product re-design, and
  • Post-launch cost reduction projects

With aPriori, design engineers can better understand the price tag for changes as they are being considered so they can find the optimal balance between functionality, performance, quality, and cost that delivers the maximum value to the customer. Engineering teams can explore more design alternatives faster, which drives out cost earlier and results in fewer changes later in development when making changes is incrementally more expensive.

aPriori unlocks the potential for optimized design and cost by using information directly from solid models generated by leading 3D CAD systems. It understands the geometry of the design and the cost ramifications of the processes that would be required for its manufacture. aPriori incorporates the cost of materials, labor, tooling and more to create a precise assessment of the cost to produce the part or product on the screen. More importantly, these precise cost estimates are delivered in real-time as modifications are made to designs. Remove a hole, add a rib, change a tolerance and the software’s algorithms automatically re-calculate the new cost based on all of the relevant factors.

With aPriori, the days of waiting for cost estimates and quotes are gone. Engineers always know how much a design is going to cost. They always get an instant update when a change is made to a design. As a result, engineering teams can make more trade-off decisions early in the design process and drive significant costs out of the product.