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Accelerate Your Ramp to Success with aPriori eLearning Software

aPriori has invested heavily in the development of eLearning as our primary mechanism for training employees and customers on our product. We believe that this approach has significant benefits over traditional training approaches, including:

  • Ensures consistent learning experience for all students.
  • Eliminates “rushing at the end” to cover all course materials.
  • Allows students to learn at their own pace.
  • Facilitates training of staff additions and geographically-dispersed groups.
  • Allows for rapid deployment of software into your organization.
  • Permits unlimited and untimed use by named user.
  • Provides ongoing performance support.
  • Allows students to select appropriate topics and order of training modules.

Watch this 10 minute video of an aPriori eLearning Class to get a comprehensive overview of our eLearning Platform, and see a sample of how our classes are designed.

aPriori Learning Management System

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aPriori’s eLearning is delivered through our web-based Learning Management System (LMS). When aPriori creates a student account, the student receives an email to their registered email address explaining how to log in to the LMS and how to enroll in specific courses.

Already have a student account? Go To aPriori Learning Management System.

eLearning Catalogs

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When a student account is created, they obtain access to 1 or more eLearning catalogs, depending on their role and which catalogs they licensed:

  • USER catalog includes…
    • Fundamentals (First course for all users: 16 hours) click for brochure
    • Technical Overview (Detailed walkthrough showing how aPriori’s costing logic works: 1 hour)
    • Cost Insight (Training for separately-licensed Cost Insight business intelligence product: 6 hours)
    • Bulk Costing & Analysis (Training for separately-licensed Bulk Costing module: 45 minutes)
  • VPE MANAGER catalog includes…
    • VPE Manager (Main course for those maintaining a VPE or VPEs: 8 hours) click for brochure
  • COST MODELER catalog includes…
    • Note: this catalog is sold as a package that includes 3 days of Professional Services mentoring.
    • Cost Model Work Bench (Main course for Cost Modelers: 12 hours) click for brochure
    • Creating User-Guided Cost Models (Generating costs without CAD model: 8 hours)


eLearning Courses

eLearning courses are fully narrated and highly-interactive, with substantial focus on hands-on labs.
Main courses in each catalog are complete with lectures, software demonstrations, process guidelines, quizzes, hands-on lab guides, exercise files, and narrated lab answers so that students can check their own lab work.

training 3


Correlation to Software Adoption Success

Because aPriori uses a Learning Management System (LMS) that enables tracking of student activities (modules launched , time spent on each module, and quiz scores, for example), we have quantified student training metrics across our customer base that are useful leading indicators of each user ‘s readiness to adopt aPriori’s software into their workflow.

Customer administrators can have reporting enabled on their LMS account, letting them track and monitor the progress of their own employees, enabling management to better guide the successful achievement of the enterprise’s cost management goals.

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