Cost Down Workshop

Determine Quickly if aPriori is a Good Fit

Need to Reduce Product Cost and Improve Profitability?

aPriori provides real-time visibility to product cost that helps you make more informed economic decisions earlier in the design lifecycle without sacrificing time or quality.

But how do you know if aPriori is right for you?

Program Overview

cost down wrkshp imageThe aPriori Cost Down Workshop is a 1 to 2 day, on-site proof-of-concept engagement that demonstrates aPriori’s capabilities to your team, and provides clear visibility to the potential value a product cost management platform could offer to your company.  In many cases, this program provides actual hard dollar savings.

You choose the location, date and time that is convenient for you and your evaluation team.  aPriori Consultants will come on-site and confirm the value of our Product Cost Management technology on your parts, with your people.

Different Workshops for Different Use Cases

There are two types of workshops: Spend Analysis and Design/ VAVE.  The table below provides details regarding participants, required inputs and outputs associated with each of these workshop programs.





aPriori will work with you to determine the appropriate workshop that aligns with your business objectives and participants. During the workshop, our clients will experience firsthand how aPriori can have an immediate impact on their business and answer the following questions as it pertains to a larger scale deployment:

  • How does real-time cost information empower employees to find cost savings through design, production or sourcing alternatives?
  • How could aPriori fit into your organization’s processes and culture?
  • How easy is the product to use?
  • What is the potential return on investment opportunity?

Next Steps

Provide us with your name and contact information and we’ll contact you within 24 hours.

* Note:  aPriori may choose not to engage this service with any company that is not considered qualified.  Decisions regarding which companies are qualified and which companies are not qualified is the exclusive right of aPriori personnel.