Professional Services Overview

aPriori Professional Services (PS) team is a strategic advisor to aPriori customers.

We help deploy aPriori software so our customers can take full advantage of its robust capabilities to reduce product costs, accelerate time to market and increase product innovation. aPriori PS extends the value of the aPriori software platform for customers by:

  • Ensuring maximum ROI from their PCM investment
  • Accelerating their time to value
  • Generating increasing and ongoing value from their PCM initiative
  • Promoting its ongoing value and continuous improvement
  • Improving user adoption and increasing accuracy of costing
  • Integrating aPriori with complementary systems such as PLM and ERP

With a comprehensive mix of deep domain expertise, proven process methodology and customer-focused service offerings, the aPriori PS team guides users from Product Cost Management Strategy Development through Implementation and Deployment to maximize the value and ROI they gain from their product cost management efforts.

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The aPriori PS team is a smart investment as you consider the best and most efficient approach to develop and drive a culture of cost awareness throughout your product development organization:

  • Domain Expertise – The aPriori PS team has a wealth of experience in CAD, manufacturing systems, cost engineering and product lifecycle management and has been involved in more than 100 product cost management implementations.
  • Process Methodology –The PS team’s experience has led to proven methodologies that have been put to the test over more than 10 years of successful engagements with complex global deployments that support expansion of product cost initiatives based on milestone achievements.
  • Services – aPriori’s comprehensive service offerings support customers throughout their product cost management initiative including strategy development, deployment planning, configuration of virtual production environments, best practice process implementation, education and training, success measurement, mentoring, consulting, software maintenance and technical support.

To learn more about how aPriori’s PS team can help you define the right Product Cost Management strategy, contact us at to arrange for a private appointment with one of our consultants.