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Product Cost Managment Provides Visibility, Consistency & Throughput for the Entire Product Team

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European Automotive Facts and Myths: Recessions and Emissions versus Efficiency and Technology

The European automotive industry remains in fragile recovery as the region continues to recover from widespread recent recession. And yet Europe is still a bright crucible for the production of new vehicles.

How Automotive Manufacturers Can Navigate the Cost of Increased Government Regulation

New laws enacted in recent years in both North America and Europe require automotive manufacturers to meet increasingly stringent standards for fuel efficiency, vehicle emissions and vehicle weight on many new models. This paper discusses these issues and their impact and lays out strategies to help automotive manufacturers navigate the cost impact of these requirements across the entire product development process.

Creating a Profit-Centric Business Culture

Many companies lack adequate Product Cost Management capabilities and do not have a corporate-wide focus on increasing overall profit. This paper will discuss the foundations for creating a corporate-wide
culture of profit.

The Anatomy of Product Cost

Manufacturing a component requires tangible physical resources — the material mass, the labor time, time on machines, life of tools, machines, factories, energy, shipping, warehousing costs, and a whole lot more. The fair-market economic cost of these resources, in a truly efficient market, with zero mark-up at any point in the supplier chain is the True Economic Cost of manufacturing the item.   Learn more about the Anatomy of Cost in this whitepaper.

Improving the Quality of Product Cost

Many people evaluating Product Cost Management systems obsess about how accurate is the system.  Learn about the difference between Accuracy and Precision and how the later is far more important to establishing a reliable, repeatable product cost management program at your company.

Reducing Cost of Goods Sold with Product Cost Management

Learn about how reducing Cost of Goods Sold (COGS) can have a profound impact on the financial results of your company, and improve your competitiveness in a challenging global conomic environment.

New Product Introductions (NPI) and Target Costs

New Product development Initiative (NPI) often mean increasing pressure to develop products within specific cost, weight, market and quality targets under very tight timeframes. Learn how a modern Product Cost Management solution can help you address these challenges.

What Will My Design Cost to Produce?

When you are working in your CAD program, every change you make to a design has an impact — positive or negative — on how much producing the finished product will cost.  Learn how Product Cost Management can help you very quickly understand what your Design will cost to produce.

Are You Overpaying for Your Outsourced Parts?

With few sourcing personnel, complex dynamics and grueling deadline pressures, it is nearly impossible for companies to know if they are paying the best possible price on every one of their outsourced parts.  Learn about how Product Cost Management helps Sourcing teams avoid overpaying for outsourced parts.

Reducing Current Product Costs: Challenges & Opportunities

Product Cost Management systems help you to identify the parts with the highest potential for cost savings, investigate various design, manufacturing or sourcing alternatives and quickly the cost savings opportunities they can provide.  Learn more about how this works in this whitepaper.

Controlling the Cost of Tooling in Your Manufacturing Environment

Large tooling expenses are a significant capital expense for many discrete manufacturers, especially in automotive, industrial equipment and consumer goods.  Learn how Product Cost Management systems help you to understand and control tooling costs.

Implementing an Effective Product Cost Management Program

The benefits of a systematic product cost management program are significant, yet many manufacturers struggle to implement these initiatives effectively. This paper discusses some of the obstacles involved and outlines key considerations and best practices for initiating an effective product cost management program

The Network Effect and its Impact on Product Cost & Cycle Time

In economics and business, the Network Effect is the impact that one user of a good or service has on the value of that product to other people. When the network effect is present, the value of a product or service is amplified as the number of other people using the product increases.  Learn how Product Cost Management can help your network improve.