Unlocking Digital Success with aPriori to Maximize the ROI of Tech Investment

Rick Hyde | VP Customer Success, aPriori

Discover the essential keys to achieving remarkable returns on your digital investments as Rick Hyde shares three crucial requirements for unparalleled success.



This executive minute features Rick Hyde, Vice President of Customer Success at aPriori.

Rick Hyde: My job is to make our customers successful. It’s that easy. I had a customer last week tell me they saved $80 million.

Leah Archibald: OK, I’ll take that. Eighty million dollars. I’ll bite! That sounds like a big success.

Rick Hyde: Not bad, yeah!

Leah Archibald: Tell me the three bullet points, what they need to do to get that big level of success.

Rick Hyde: The three bullet points, executive sponsorship. It starts at the top. You’ve got to identify the big problem to get a big success.

Rick Hyde: So the second bullet point would be making sure that your people are using the application. Right. It’s not going to use itself. You need to put the fuel in to get the results out.

Rick Hyde: Third, most important thing is measuring your successes. Right. You don’t know where you are if you’re not measuring things. You’re flying blind. There’s no way to know whether or not you’re on track, or off track, or what adjustments you need to make.

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