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There are times when you need to generate a cost estimate for a product or part, but there is no CAD model available. If you know the basic geometric design and manufacturing process/routing information, aPriori can cost those parts quickly and easily.  Examples of when this approach may be useful include:

  • NPI projects – At the earliest stages of the product lifecycle, when there are no CAD models, estimating the cost to manufacture is challenging. With User-Guided Costing, aPriori can generate detailed cost estimates during the R&D phase prior to committing to the detailed design phase of a project.
  • Components not modeled in CAD
    • Some product components, such as electrical components and wire harnesses, are not modeled in CAD. With User-Guided Costing, aPriori can help you generate a cost for these and other types of components that are not modeled in CAD.
    • On competitive tear-down projects, each individual component is inspected, measured and evaluated.  Someone working with aPriori User-Guided Costing could easily enter these specifications into the system and get an estimate of how much it cost to manufacture that part.
    • Customers that send an RFQ may not include CAD models, and only provide a specification sheet or an engineering drawing.  This would be another example of when aPriori User-Guided Costing could be used to quickly calculate a cost estimate to manufacture these components.

aPriori can provide a variety of User-Guided Cost Models that give you a starting point to address the use cases described above.  Here are some examples of user-guided cost models:

  • Progressive Die Manufacturing
  • Stage Tooling
  • Turret Press
  • Injection Molded Plastic

Other User-Guided cost models can be developed with the assistance of aPriori’s Professional Services team.

In summary, aPriori’s User Guided Costing is an important compliment to the automated 3D costing capabilities that are available in the core product cost management platform.  By combining both costing approaches, customers can develop complete costs for even the most complicated product assemblies that are comprised of carry over parts, new product designs modeled in 3D CAD and parts from suppliers that may have no CAD model at all.

For more information on User-Guided Costing, or to schedule your own private demonstration of this flexible cost module, send us an email to or call us at 978-371-2006.

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