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Sunset Metal Work’s Investment in aPriori Pays Off

aPriori recently announced that its platform has been successfully deployed by Sunset Metal Works, a contract manufacturer of metal weldments and fabrications for original equipment manufacturers (OEMs). Sunset is using aPriori’s software to automate its product cost estimating processes and reduce the time it takes to respond to requests for quotation (RFQ) from its OEM customers in the agriculture/construction equipment, aerial work platforms, vertical transportation, oil/gas equipment and defense industries. Sunset has already seen improvements of 300% in their quote times with 3-D models. Once aPriori is fully implemented, their goal is to turn around weldment packages within five days for OEM customers.

“We looked into other tools, but they didn’t offer much improvement over our existing process,” said Laura Nicklas Sponseller, head of business development at Sunset Metal Works. “With aPriori, we saw an opportunity to really differentiate ourselves and strengthen our ability to win more new business. The platform offers a much more in-depth product costing capability that enables us to respond to customer RFQs more quickly and accurately.”

Sunset also anticipates synergies with OEMs who utilize aPriori and hopes to connect during design and production costing projects to share their product cost management assumptions and metrics via the aPriori platform. This will enable true, known cost vs. best practices estimates and eliminate unnecessary back and forth with the customer.

For more details on Sunset Metal Works’ deployment of aPriori, read the complete Case Study.

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