Episode 8 | June 22, 2022

CEOs on Why Digital Transformations Succeed or Fail

Stephanie Feraday & Jody Markopoulos | CEO aPriori & former CEO GE Intelligent Platforms

The threats facing manufacturing today – from labor shortage to materials prices to inflation – are not going away. Digital transformation can be a solution, but only if manufactures see the change through to the end. In this executive conversation, CEOs Stephanie Feraday and Jody Markopoulos reveal how they set up win conditions – and avoid pitfalls – for digital transformation.

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Episode 7 | June 15, 2022

No-Brainer Tech Investments from a CFO

Peter Riley | former Chief Financial Officer, Global IT, Caterpillar

When you’re the CFO of a global manufacturer, the last thing you want for your predicted ROI is a question mark. Peter Riley, former CFO of Global IT for Caterpillar, says the best tech investments are the ones that take the surprise out of manufacturing. In this podcast, he calls out tech investments that are table stakes for manufacturers today.

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Episode 6 | June 9, 2022

Aerospace’s Secret Sustainability Solution

John Pilla | former Chief Technology Officer, Spirit AeroSystems

Next generation Aerospace innovations like SAFs and eVTOLs are too far off to meet the sustainability goals of today’s major airliners, says John Pila, former CTO of Spirit AeroSystems. Instead, airliners must rely on a tried-and-true sustainability method: cutting weight and cost.

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Episode 5 | June 6, 2022

What is DFM?

Mark Rushton | former Design Engineer, SOLIDWORKS

A designer’s initial concept rarely matches up with what is efficient for manufacturing. To reduce time to market and maximize the value of labor, organizations need to help engineers test the feasibility of their designs before sending them to manufacture. Mark Rushton explains DFM, digital twins, and the power of the digital factory.

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