Learn How Modern Manufacturers are Leveraging PCM to Improve Profitability

Rick Burke

American Aerospace & Defense Summit

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December 6-7, Phoenix, Arizona

Join the discussion with over 150 industry peers at the American Aerospace & Defense Summit.  Presentations will cover the latest strategies to optimize manufacturing and R&D in American aerospace and defense; drive innovation in a competitive landscape, maximize supplier relationships, mitigate costs, identify growth opportunities and build quality throughout your system.

PCM Case Study Presentation

aPriori’s Vice President of Global Business Operations, Scott Carlyle, will present at the American A&D Summit how Product Cost Management practices and software are helping Aerospace & Defense equipment manufacturers improve profitability.  Scott has extensive experience working within the aerospace & defense industries, consulting with Global Fortune 100 A&D manufacturers on Business & Technology Solutions that improve innovation, product profitability and quality.  Scott has worked in manufacturing engineering roles as well as technology consulting roles at industry leading companies such as United Technologies, VISTAGY, Siemens and Hewlett Packard.  He earned a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering at Clarkson University and is now in charge of Global Business Operations at aPriori Technologies.

Identifying & Eliminating Cost Drivers Early in Product Design: Four A&D Success Stories

Aerospace & Defense manufacturers are experiencing considerable pressure to contain escalating product costs and minimize late stage design churn that slows delivery to market for new product platforms.  The most progressive manufacturers are leveraging advanced software technology in the earliest stages of product design to uncover cost drivers and attack product design, sourcing and manufacturing inefficiencies at the point of origin.  In this presentation, Scott Carlyle, an aerospace technology executive with 25+ years of experience, will describe how industry giants such as Honeywell Aerospace, Boeing, Spirit Aerosystems and others are responding to these market pressures by leveraging product cost management software technology to uncover potential cost and manufacturing related issues before they cascade downstream and create staggering cost overruns.  Success stories will reveal savings of 10+% on new product initiatives (NPI), accelerations of time to market by weeks and even months, plus significant reductions and even elimination of traditional value engineering activities that waste valuable time and money.  Watch a Preview of material that will be covered during this presentation.



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