| May 30, 2019

Democratization of Simulation

This is a great article written by Mr. Mark Reisig from Aras Corporation.

He talks about how simulation and analysis (S&A) has traditionally been a complex undertaking handled by a small community of highly specialized Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) simulation experts.

But the question Mark asks in the article is whether S&A can be democratized and spread beyond the confines of CAE experts to be used by individuals without deep domain knowledge of the S&A tools?

For the past 10+ years, aPriori has been watching this market evolve from the inside out.  We are seeing more and more global manufacturers realize that the benefits of Design to Cost and Design for Manufacturability analysis in the earliest phases of product design and engineering are becoming mission critical.  These tools are being purpose built for novices so that the simulations are easy to set-up and deliver results extremely fast so that the productivity of product teams are not impeded in any way.

For those interested in learning more about how S&A can help improve product profitability and accelerate time to market, we recommend giving this article a read!

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