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Utilizing Should Costing to Engage and Retain Millennial Talent

Laurel Bougie | March 15, 2018

By 2025, over 2 million manufacturing jobs will go unfilled due to the looming skills gap created from the 2.7 million baby boomers retiring and the 1/3 of American families encouraging their children not

Circor Successfully Implements a Cost Reduction Strategy

Even best-in-class manufacturing companies can miss their cost targets when launching new products.

Product Cost Management is a Team Sport

Introduction Over the past few months, aPriori has had the privilege of working with Stan Przybylinski, Vice President of Research at CIMdata, to document the current state of the product cost management software market.  

Creating a Cost Classification System

The nature of product development is that details about components emerge … evolve … and solidify over time. A component may start out as a concept sketch with rough dimensional information. Over time that

Your Should-Cost Estimate Is NOT Accurate, But That’s Okay

Tobias Tauber | July 21, 2016 ,

As manufacturing companies are feeling increased pressure to improve, and in the worst-case scenario, secure their margins, should-costing has become a valid strategy for reducing product costs (see Figure 1). Manufacturers are continuously striving

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