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Is Your Cost Management Software Implementation Destined to Fail?

Rick Hyde | November 29, 2018 ,

A few years ago, IBM Systems Magazine did some interesting research on the characteristics that led to a successful software implementation.1 The findings were somewhat surprising. Of the deployments analyzed, over 50% were considered

Gaining Value From Your aPriori Product Cost Management Deployment

David Gay | March 1, 2018 ,

You’ve just purchased new software. You made it through the sales process and you are excited about all of the features and capabilities the software has to offer. But today, as it is installed,

Circor Successfully Implements a Cost Reduction Strategy

Even best-in-class manufacturing companies can miss their cost targets when launching new products.

Survival of the Fittest for Manufacturers Requires Technology Adoption

“Let the Strongest Live, and the Weakest Die”

Should Cost Estimators: Feel Like Your Ship is Sinking?

Adopt a Carrier Group Battle Strategy for Product Cost Management I was recently watching a classic WWII movie about the Battle of Midway.

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