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The Principle of Granularity and Product Cost Management

After 25 years in the business of marketing manufacturing software, I still remember one of my early job interviews where I absolutely sealed the deal by referring to the Principle of Granularity. I’m not

The Network Effect and its Impact on Product Cost & Cycle Time

What is the Network Effect? In economics and business, the Network Effect is the impact that one user of a good or service has on the value of that product to other people. When

Research Reveals Insights from 22 PCM Early Adopters

In a previous post, Strategic Product Cost Management: Challenges and Benefits, I shared the results of some recent online market research.  In that post, I also referenced another effort completed in October 2014 by

Navigating the Cost of Increased Government Regulation for Automotive Manufacturers – Part 3: Eight Examples of Enterprise Product Cost Management in Action

This is the third in a series discussing the cost impact of new government regulations designed to increase automotive fuel efficiency and tighten emission standards. In the first post, Roadblocks to Profitability, we looked

Strategic Product Cost Management: Challenges and Benefits

We at aPriori recently hired an independent research firm to survey our customers about their approach to product cost management, use of the aPriori platform and some of the benefits and challenges they face

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