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[Video] Innovative Design-to-Cost Program Unlocks Massive Savings for Wuzheng

The Wuzheng Group (Shandong Wuzheng Group Co. Ltd) is an established automotive and agricultural industry leader in China with annual world-wide sales of more than $2.3 billion USD.

Maintaining and Extending aPriori Cost Models

Rick Burke | April 10, 2013 ,

Many customers have asked how we develop and maintain the aPriori cost models. They are at the heart of the aPriori cost management system.  There are over 200 cost models that make up the

Key Principles of Product Cost Management, Part 4 (the Finale!)

Implementing Product Cost Management in Your Organization Think Big, Start Small — Cost management can have a significant and immediate impact across your organization – increasing profitability, accelerating time-to-market and growing revenues.  As such,

Key Principles of Effective Product Cost Management, Part 2

In Part 1 of the "Key Principles of Effective Product Cost Management" post, we introduced the Challenges and Opportunities in Managing Product Costs, and some of the Core Cost Management Activities that help positively

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