Expanded Consulting Services to Maximize Your aPriori ROI

Rick Burke November 6, 2012

Do you want to scale or expand your existing aPriori deployment but want to understand best practices and get guidance on how to do it?  A Launch engagement can help.

aPriori has expanded its professional services consulting offerings to include new programs that support your success with aPriori at every stage of deployment from initial implementation, through program expansion, and system integration.

One new service, the Launch engagement, was developed to help you effectively manage the expansion of aPriori usage beyond the initial user group.  It applies our proven methodology to guide your product cost management (PCM) initiatives within new projects, sites, or functions and provides all the mentoring, training, and support you need to ensure success.

Many customers should consider leveraging this service as they move beyond their first year RAMP program, and are working to develop a strategic go-forward plan for year 2 and beyond.  For example, it is a great way to layer in multiple new sites over time and expand your deployment in phases.

This is a strategic consulting service during which our experienced consultants guide you through a structured, results-oriented process.  Typical activities include deployment planning workshops, VPE configuration, and usage mentoring on actual projects.

Each Launch engagement builds upon the success of the previous one to develop an effective PCM program across your organization.  It also gives you confidence and experience that you can leverage our methodology on subsequent projects as you expand deployment across the organization and continually increase the value of your aPriori deployment.

To learn about additional strategic consulting services designed to help you realize the full potential of your aPriori deployment, download the Launch engagement datasheet (see below), contact your aPriori Representative or email consulting@apriori.com.

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