Sales Partners


Market:  China

Refine collaborative focuses on equipment manufacturing information in the field of product development, dedicated to the enrichment and development of R&D in the field of information design simulation, pilot testing and integrated security technology. Refine collaborative R&D platform provides systems and related services for the aviation, aerospace, shipbuilding, steel, commercial aircraft, high-speed rail, automotive and other fields of high-tech equipment R&D enterprise, undertake a variety of design and simulation, test test platform and integrated security systems consulting, design, development, installation, commissioning and training complete engineering services.

After long-term accumulation of research and engineering innovation, they form a group with independent intellectual property rights research, which tests digital business platforms.

JD Tech





Market:  China

Established in 1997, Shanghai Jiangda Technology Development Co.,Ltd. is a company focused on providing Product Lifecycle Management and enterprise solutions to manufacturing clients. Currently Shanghai Jiangda and its joint venture have 7 branches around China, with more than 150 staff. In the past years, we brought the world class solutions to our clients, together with the professional services and support. As the top VAR (Value Added Reseller) of DASSAULT SYSTEMES in Great China Group, we have provided more than 4,000 sets of licenses to more than 400 clients, ranged from Automotive, Aero & Space, Shipbuilding, Locomotive, Industrial Equipment to Electronic industry, and cover the whole process of PLM.


Market:  Japan

SCSK works to support the needs of our customers over the long term through the provision of high-value-added services that leverage the company’s intellectual capital and IT assets. They ensure the enhancement of customers’ corporate values.



Market:  France

Keonys has specialised in 3D innovation and product development solutions for the last 20 years and is the leading European integrator of Dassault Systèmes solutions for product lifecycle management (PLM). Keonys provides services of consultancy and specialist advice, project implementation and integration, training and support to 1500 clients of all sizes and in all branches of industry, in the service sector and in the world of education and research.