SFI Speeds Response Time and Fuels Business Growth with aPriori

SFI http://www.sfifab.com/index.php (Steel Fabrication Inc.) provides contract design, development, supply and value-added services for medium to heavy gauge components to a select group of original equipment manufacturers (OEM) in the agricultural, automotive, construction, industrial, transportation and defense industries. This includes welded parts for commercial automotive manufacturers and vehicle sub-frames for the U.S. military.


"Response time is key. Most customers are looking for a quote that’s in budget with a supplier they can trust and can count on vs. the lowest possible quote. It’s not always about the best price. It’s about the best price/value/ reliability."


The Challenge

For any contract manufacturer, accurate and timely project quoting is a critical success factor. It can make the difference between winning and losing business and making and losing money. And like many others, SFI’s estimators used its own unique blend of different cost calculators, spreadsheets and off-the-shelf cost management tools. It was all very manual and time consuming.

The Solution

SFI implemented aPriori's Product Cost Management software in 2009 with the objective of automating and accelerating the quoting process.  The new system would be able to accept any 3D solid model as the primary input to drive creation of an accurate quote.  In addition, SFI worked side by side with aPriori to setup their virtual factories - with all of their own material types and costs, their machine capabilities and the cost structure of their factories.

The Results

In SFI’s business, they have a simple motto – ‘1st in, 1st to Win’.

While aPriori is largely invisible to SFI’s customers, it has an important domino effect on SFI and its customers’ overall time to market.

  • SFI delivers an accurate quote back to the customer faster
  • The customer is able to make an outsourcing decision faster and with more confidence in SFIs capability to deliver
  • SFI’s engineering teams can use the information available in aPriori – routing, parts, etc. to get a head start on the sourcing and production planning.

To Learn More about how SFI was able to reduce the number of cost estimators from 3 to 1, and crush previous cost estimating statistics from weeks down to a couple of days...

Download the complete SFI Case Study.


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