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aPriori offers curriculum for both self-paced (eLearning) training programs and on-site (instructor-led training that incorporate best practices and enable users to become more self-sufficient with their aPriori implementation. The curriculum includes the following programs:


aPriori has invested heavily in the development of eLearning over the past year.  We believe that this approach has significant benefits over traditional training approaches, including:

  • Ensures consistent learning experience for all students.
  • Eliminates “rushing at the end” to cover all course materials.
  • Allows students to learn at their own pace.
  • Facilitates training of staff additions and geographically-dispersed groups.
  • Allows for rapid deployment of software into your organization.
  • Permits unlimited and untimed use by named user.
  • Provides ongoing performance support.
  • Allows students to select appropriate topics and order of training modules.

There are currently 3 eLearning applications available as part of an aPriori deployment program, covering all of the core capabilities of using and administering the system.  The eLearning programs currently available include:

  • Fundamentals Training - A highly interactive 2-day course, providing basic instruction for using aPriori. The nine modules include fully-narrated lectures, software demonstrations, quizzes and lab exercises.
  • Virtual Production Environment (VPE) Manager - A 1-day course for super-users of aPriori to learn how to manage and keep current their VPE data. Eight challenging exercises provide in-depth, hands-on experience and support user confidence in their ability to maintain their VPE data.
  • Cost Model Work Bench - This 5-day training course, specifically for the cost modeler maintaining cost model logic, is comprised of 2 days of eLearning and 3 days of Professional Services consulting. The eLearning portion consists of fully-narrated lectures, software demonstrations, quizzes, and a hands-on lab and programmer reference guide. The 3 days of post-training consulting provides mentoring to students in understanding and modifying the cost models that are most important to their business.

On-Site, Instructor Led Training

aPriori also offers Applied User Training to supplement the eLearning programs above.  We often find that customers will purchase eLearning first, and have all their licensed users complete the program.  Then, to teach these invdividuals how to apply aPriori capabilities to their own unique product designs and costing scenarios, they will leverage applied user training.

  • Applied User Training - Provides hands-on support & mentoring in the effective use of the product consistent with PCM strategy.  Duration of Applied User training can vary, and is dependent on the quantity of individuals and depth of content to cover.





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