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For most companies, developing a well-structured, value-generating, and widely-used product cost management (PCM) capability is a new endeavor, from both a technology and operational perspective. As a result, many of our customers realize significantly greater ROI by collaborating with aPriori Professional Services consultants on strategic projects specifically designed to help customers attain maximum value from their aPriori investment.

aPriori consulting services are tailored for each customer, therefore, prior to the start of an engagement we schedule a consultation: establishing objectives, identifying barriers, and determining the best approach to accomplish your goals.

  • Map - Develops a clear strategy to identify, validate and document cost savings and avoidance to achieve maximum value from your aPriori implementation.
  • Launch - Stimulus program for a deployment at a new site or with a new group to build momentum and generate immediate value.
  • Integrate - Develops a strategy and solution design for effective integration to complementary systems in engineering operations and supply chain operations.
  • Assess - Assesses current state of your configured VPEs and identifies opportunities to tune the cost models for greater process coverage or accuracy.
  • Refresh - Updates VPE material and machine data to meet the needs of users to improve user adoption and increase accuracy of costing.
  • Check - Annual deployment analysis to promote the ongoing value and continuousimprovement of the aPriori program.





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