aPriori Company Information and Datasheets

Thank you for your interest in aPriori and its product cost management solutions.

The aPriori Product Cost Management platform is the first software solution to provide discrete manufacturers and product companies with real-time answers to cost questions throughout the entire development and production process. aPriori’s revolutionary cost management capabilities empower organizations to identify quantifiable savings in material, tooling, labor and overhead while evaluating alternative designs, processes and sources. By generating cost assessments early in the product development process, aPriori customers drive significant costs out of their products prior to production, reducing Cost of Goods Sold (COGS) by whole percentage points and improving the overall financial results of the company.

Use the links below to download select aPriori materials.

3/18/2014 - How to Test if aPriori is Right For You (504.18 KB)
aPriori's Conference Room Pilot (CRP) is a short-term, proof-of-concept engagement with our team of expert consultants which confirms the value of the aPriori Enterprise Cost Management Platform prior to a larger scale deployment. Usually completed over four days, a Conference Room Pilot applies aPriori’s enterprise product cost management system and process to an organization’s own people, parts and facilities to find real savings in product costs.
3/6/2014 - aPriori Manufacturing Process Support (169.98 KB)
aPriori supports costing for a wide range of discrete manufacturing processes. This datasheet provides an overview of the processes currently supported.
9/2/2014 - aPriori System Requirements Datasheet (546.97 KB)
This datasheet contains technical details related to server and client requirements, supported CAD formats, and a variety of other system level information for the latest release of aPriori product cost management software.
9/26/2013 - aPriori Spend Analytics Service (188.21 KB)
aPriori's Spend Analytics service helps companies identify cost outliers from groups of hundreds or even thousands of parts. The outliers represent those parts that have the highest likelihood of producing a significant cost reduction for your company.
3/22/2013 - aPriori Project Cost Tracking (1.07 MB)
Project Cost Tracking (PCT) is an enterprise costing solution brought to you by aPriori. With Project Cost Tracking, you can easily automate the aggregation and analytics of granular cost data to offer real-time cost visibility for entire products, enabling a new breed of informed critical business decisions.
8/6/2013 - aPriori Cost Model Work Bench (794 KB)
aPriori's Cost Model Work Bench (CMWB) provides customers with the capability to configure the cost model logic included within baseline VPEs to match that of an internal manufacturing environment, a specific supplier or a group of regional suppliers. The CMWB also provides customers with the capability to create their own cost models to represent manufacturing processes not available in aPriori baseline VPEs.
7/23/2014 - aPriori Regional VPEs - Details and Assumptions (836.49 KB)
This whitepaper provides detailed information on the data sources and cost model assumptions that are included as part of aPriori regional baseline VPEs.
3/31/2011 - aPriori Product Cost Management Overview (359.14 KB)
This data sheet provides an overview of how aPriori's product cost management can help companies reduce the cost required to manufacture their products by whole cost of goods percentage points every year.
1/27/2011 - aPriori Bulk Cost & Analysis Module (1.07 MB)
The aPriori Bulk Costing and Analysis Module provides a set of powerful yet easy-to-use tools for costing and analyzing large groups of components. To learn more, download this datasheet.